Xxnaivivxx Back To School Giveaway 2016 Pdf Free Download

Xxnaivivxx Back To School Giveaway 2016 Pdf Free Download

Xxnaivivxx Back To School Giveaway 2016 Pdf – Who does not like giveaways? Everyone! We all like getting gifts, no matter how big or small. And that is why we love giveaways. Many brands organize giveaways on many occasions and for many purposes. The brands organize giveaways through many mediums like social media marketing, celebrity promotion, etc. Marketing your brand through giveaways can provide you with the following results:

  • Giveaways attract lots of people, especially women and children, and this helps in increasing brand recognition.
  • Through giveaways, the consumers are aware of your products, and thus the brand gets attention.
  • Today, most of the giveaways are done through social media, and thus your promotion can create a buzz online.
  • Since giveaways create a buzz, the more customers get to know about your brand, the more sales your brand has.
  • Regular giveaways also ensure customer loyalty. Giveaways create a feeling of trust among the customers.

So, if you are a brand that deals with school students’ products, then the best giveaway idea is Back to School since this has a direct connection with the students and their moms in some cases. In such a case, targeting school students would be a brilliant idea. This would ensure –

  • Your brands, wide recognition
  • Your brand’s engagement
  • Increase in the sales
Xxnaivivxx Back To School Giveaway 2016 Pdf
Xxnaivivxx Back To School Giveaway 2016 Pdf

Once you decide to promote a giveaway, you shall have to plan them in proper sequence like what to target, whom to target, and the giveaways. It will help if you promote your brand through appropriate channels. You can create social media contests to promote your event because most of the students nowadays are into social media and so this event is sure to be a hit. 

Again, celebrity promotion is a smart way of promoting your brand. The celebrities, through their skills, market, and promote your brand in a very effective way. There are multiple YouTubers, Bloggers, and Instagram celebs who have a massive fan following. One of them is Xxnaivivxx. Her original name is Vivian Zhu, and she is a famous Youtuber and has almost 83.2k subscribers. She posts about her everyday life, daily hacks, and also sponsored videos.

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Xxnaivivxx Back To School Giveaway 2016 is another back to school video of her. She very efficiently promoted a giveaway for a reputed brand, and this video is still on the trending list. This video got so popular because of her efficient and professional way of hosting the contest. At the very beginning of the Xxnaivivxx Back To School Giveaway 2016 video, she explained in detail all the rules of the giveaway to be followed by everyone to win. The giveaway in the video included all sorts of school supplies that would target the students.  

She then mentioned the basic requirements that had to be filled by whoever wanted to participate like their name, their grads, their favorite place to shop school essentials, their residence address, etc. This was a very innovative way of creating a healthy database for the brand. Then she came up with the rules that the followers had to follow like :

  • One participant can make only one entry
  • The participant can only comment once
  • As happens in youtube videos, the participant should not spam the comments box.
  • And the participant must be a subscriber of Youtube.

Then she proceeded to carry forward the video and described all the stuff that the participants could get after winning. This video was very much searched for since Youtube promotion was slowly coming into vogue during that time. This video gained Vivian Zhu much popularity.

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