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What Is Xxl Freshman 2018?

Everyone wants to get famous. Fame and riches are the most desirable things in this world. People nowadays try every hack to get seconds of fame. Nowadays, there are so many ways and platforms to get famous. All you need is just a talent and a bit of luck.

Every year, so many people come to limelight, and then slowly, their career starts shaping. As they get famous, they are also featured in various magazines. Getting featured in a popular magazine is one of the most outstanding achievements one can have in their life. There are many famous magazines where the famous, influential, and public figures get covered. XXL Freshman is one such magazine.

XXL is a famous American hip-hop magazine, and this magazine was founded in the year 1997 by Townsquare Media. In the magazine’s first issue in the year 1997, J Z and Master P were featured on a double cover. And over the years, they have been featuring various hip hop stars, thus giving them limelight and exposure. This is the magazine’s contribution towards the hip hop fans. Not only this but during these years, they have also starred a few struggling hip-hop artists, thus putting an effort of providing them a platform and exposure. In December 2014, the makers announced that they would be publishing monthly magazines.

Many famous people have contributed as the editor of the magazine over these years. Few among them are Reginald C. Dennis, Sheena Lester, Elliott Wilson, Datwon Thomas, and Vanessa Satten.

In 2005, during August, the team at XXL Magazine and Eminem collaboratively released XXL Presents Shade 45. This special edition was launched to provide limelight to Shade 45, which is a radio station. This special issue also provided exposure to the Shady Records label.

In August 2020, XXL launched the 150th issue, and they also celebrated the anniversary. In this issue, artists like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and BoB were featured.

Xxl Freshman 2018

About XXL Freshman 2018

In the year 2018, a list of stars was selected for the XXL Freshmen Class. Some among the stars included Lil Pump, Trippie Redd, Smokepurpp, Blocboy, JB, Y.B.N., Nahmir, Wifis Funeral, Ski Mask The Slump God, J.I.D., and Stefflon Don.

This year XXL only included nine M.C.s after Lil Skies rejected to be a part of this magazine cover. Lil Skies was the 10th member who got selected through votes to be on the 2018 cover. The original issue dropped in July, and then the nine rappers garnered the stage in New York on July 11 in the annual XXL show.

The social media has contributed to the popularity of the XXL Freshman magazine. The immense love of these hip-hoppers’ fans also contributed to the success and glory of the magazine. Every year, the XXL Freshman Class arrives the same way as it always has. In the 2018 XXL issue, there is a look back at the 2017 Freshmen that included an introductory section of the indie labels and the managing companies who are the major forces behind the 2018 XXL issue.

Let us have a small breakdown of Xxl Freshman 2018 featured:

Each year, the rappers and the hip-hoppers need to battle a tough fight to be on the top to feature in the XXL Freshmen’s cover. The 2018 theme was all about clout, and that is why all the participants this time had massive popularity in the social media platform. The finalists who were featured in 2018 were

Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, Y.B.N. Nahmir, Ski Mask The Slump God, Stefflon Don, Wifisfuneral, BlocBoy JB, J.I.D., and Trippie Redd. Lil Skies declined participation at the last minute. In the year 2017, the participants included some newcomers like Aminé, KYLE, and Kamaiyah, and most of them were unrecognizable because of them having less popularity.

So, the names and a little background of 2018’s ‘XXL Freshman’ are given :

  • Stefflon Don – Introduction of Stefflon Don had been a big deal because she was the only one representing the women in the world-wide frame. She was also the first-ever British who got featured in the XXL cover. She had been a professional rapper but got her big break and fame in the year 2016.
  • Lil Pump – He is basically from Miami and is most popularly known as the “Gucci Gang” leader. His single in the year 2017 had ranked in the top 3 on the Billboard hot 100. He is also on his way to release some more singles.
  • Y.B.H. Nahmir – Nahmir was only 18 when he was featured in the top 9 of XXL Freshmen in 2018. He is basically from Alabama and has just started his journey with only a few songs to his credit. He recently made his T.V. debut with Jimmy Kimmel Live!.
  • Wifisfuneral – His debut album was ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf,’ and this album itself got him fame. He is only 21 years old, and his songs are often based on dark subjects like drugs, depression, death, etc. He is said to be mostly influenced by singers like Eminem, Gucci Mane, etc.
  • Ski Mask The Slump God – This 22-year-old singer is from Florida, and he is known for delivering streaming numbers. He is also known for his mixtape ‘Beware The Book Of Eli’ and is set to make his first world tour.
  • Smokepurpp – He has worked earlier as a producer, and his reputation as a rapper goes a long way. He had released his first mixtape ‘Deadstar’ on Twitter, which touched millions of fans. He has also joined hands wit up with Murda Beatz for their upcoming unknown project.
  • J.I.D. – This rapper from Atlanta is rapid, making way for his success in hip hops. He released his debut album ‘The Never Story’ with Dreamville Records.

Trippie Redd and Blocboy JB were the rest of the two stars featured in the XXL Freshman 2018’s cover. The 2018 issue had been significant and also in an interview, all the rappers met and discussed what freshman means to them. 

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