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Xxcopy Alternative 2018 الجزائر

consider the command line as a flexible and user-friendly option to deal with files and folders. Some commands make your task easy, and one such powerful took “Xxcopy Alternative 2018”.

This tool can easily backup files and folders in your hard drive to any specified location. It can clone your hard drive and thus having a complete backup will keep your data safely among systems. DOS and Windows have been using XCOPY for copying files, and so Pixelab comes up with more powerful copying tool called XXCOPY. It has advanced features that can make copying quite comfortable, and one won’t find it a tedious task. The popularity of XXCOPY has introduced many other alternatives.

Xxcopy Alternative 2018 الجزائر

  • TeraCopy

This free tool is mainly for Mac and Windows users. It is quite secure and can quickly identify if identical files are being copied so that files can be skipped. TeraCopy is the fastest tool that can easily copy all your files and is relatively easy to integrate with both the operating system. The free version is also very effective, and if you are not required to spend anything still, it is the best alternative of XXCOPY.

  • ViceVersa

If you are required to synchronize file between two computers opts for ViceVersa. This tool is best when dealing with file synchronization, replication, comparison and most importantly, backup. It uses CRC32 to verify the file, and this gives secure transmission. It is relatively easy to integrate with your system and is known as a time-saving copying tool.

It is compatible with copying the file over LAN, WAN network, external hard disk, USB flash drive and many others. It also has an option where, along with copying, you can also check the current status of files that are getting copied. The use of CRC while copying will check the replica and avoid if it is already available.  The free version is suitable when looking for a smaller task, but the commercial version is best for offices.

  • Copy Whiz

This flexible copying tool for windows comes with advance features that ease up your task. It gives full control in the user’s hand where they can choose which files are to be copied or ignored. Some of the features that make it the best alternative for XXCOPY for windows as follows:

  • You are free to copy files from different folders and coy all at once in some specified location.
  • It is possible to copy the folder structure without files and even files that are without folders.
  • It is easy to copy multiple folders at the same time and thus can help to save time.
  • The best part is it allows to copy the file that is bene currently in use.
  • It has the auto rename option for duplicate files and skips if it is entirely identical.

Copy Whiz makes copying and backup of file sand folders quite easy for all. So, if looking something more than just copying it is the best option for all.

  • Rsync

If you are using a Unix system and looking out to copy or sync files/directories go for Rsync. It is one of the best tools for copying files and directories from one location to another. It uses compression and recursion technology here files are compressed for transferring files in no time. It also checks out for recursion, so that same files are not copied.

If you are using remotes transfer using Rsync, it is must that both computers have it installed in their system.  The positive review has made it clear that people are finding it the best alternative of XXcopy for copying files.

  • SuperCopier

An open-source tool that can make it easy to transfer files and equipped with many eye seeking feature is SuperCopier. It is suitable for Windows, Mac and even Linux to make the copying task easy for everyone. Some of the features that make this tool exceptional are progress display, transfer speed control, speed computation and much more.

It means user have full control over the transfer files and can check out the speed with which it is getting transferred.

These are some of the tools that can make the copying task relatively easy for different operating systems. Most of them are available for free and paid versions, so it’s you to decide to opt for what you need for your system to work effectively. So, now have full control while copying files, folders, or directories with the help of all such powerful tools. There are many others on the list that can fulfill all your requirements and give you the best experience.


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