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Getting rewards for your spending can be satisfying as well as exiting. The Www.xvidvideo2.com American Express Login is connected to exclusive benefits and offers. It also promises you the convenience and the security of a credit card. This program has everything that you need- air miles to luxury shopping items, the membership rewards program helps you to choose from hundreds of service providers as well as retailers.

Apart from all these, some Amex Rewards cards come with exclusive membership rewards. You can enjoy some free rounds of golf at India’s top courses. Also free of cost, you can relax in the comfort of more than 1k airport lounges. Other features include exclusive discounts on the top restaurants of the country as well as access invite only events.

Your credit cards bring you rewards!

Now you can earn money every time you shop. You can swipe your American Express Rewards credit cards and earn 1 membership reward point for every 50rs spent. Do not that you will not earn rewards if you swipe your card for fuel, insurance or utility bills.

On transactions above INR 1,000 for 4 to 6 times each month, using your American Express Membership rewards Credit card or American Express Gold card, you earn 1,00 Bonus Membership reward Points.

If you want to earn points faster, you can use American Express Smartearn credit card to earn 10 times the membership rewards. These include your spends on Flipkart, Uber, Amazon, Swiggy, BookMyShow and many more.

Www.xvidvideo2.com American Express Login

You can also refer your friends or family members and you can earn up to 1, 50,000 bonus points. Your friends also earn exciting rewards.

You can use the points to travel the world. All you have to do is to redeem your points for travel vouchers. There is even an option to transfer your points to their partner hotels frequent flyer programs or regular guest program. However, you will have to apply for the Frequent Traveler program first.

You can let your shopping pay for itself using the reward points.  So pay off your purchases by using the Membership Reward Points.  You can also give donations to organizations such as CRY using the membership reward points and thereby give back to the society.

Additionally, you can also choose from their wide ranging shopping categories and exchange your point for gift cards from the Amex Rewards gift cards section.  There are also a lot of other mind blowing redemption options from the menu and redeem it for vouchers in lifestyle, electronics, home and health sections.

The card also comes with the promise that you can use this card all around the world, which is anywhere, anytime.  You get the currency of the foreign countries exchanged when you shop at foreign countries, based on the current exchange rate. All charges made in foreign countries gets converted to the Indian Rupees, all so that you can know how much amount that you are actually spending.

The Amazing features of the Www.xvidvideo2.com American Express Login

The Www.xvidvideo2.com American Express Login gives you more than just rewards, here are some of its standout features.

The American Express Rewards Credit cards offer you 24/7 customer support. You can their helpline number any time, day or night. They are also reachable by email and text. The company promises to deal with your quires and problems with lightning speed and helpfully.

The company values your security. The secure payment system, chip and the pin technology reduces the risk of fraud on your card. You are also guaranteed that if you are accidently a victim if fraud, you won’t have to pay the costs. However, you must promise that to keep your details secure and take some measures to keep your card information safe.

The Www.xvidvideo2.com American Express Login cards are acceptable all over the world and is perfect if you are someone who loves to travel all around the world.  All charges made in the foreign countries gets converted very easily to Indian currency. This is one of the most useful features of the card and what makes the deal sweet.

You have the option to extend the benefits of the card to your loves one with additional Supplementary cards. This is done free of cost.

If you want to ease the burden of the purchases, you can also covert them into easy monthly installments using your card.  However, the purchase should be above INR 5K.

At American express, you are provided a 0% convince fee on fuel purchases less than INR 25K. However, above that, you have to pay 0.3% convenience fee per the transaction that you make above 25k.  This is also applicable to fuel purchases and above. 

According to the terms and condition of the selected card, you receive bonus membership rewards points or cashback which depends on your card.

The welcome gift is can be used after you pay the annual fee and upon spending the amount according to the terms and conditions.

There are 3 type of cards:

  1. American Express Gold Card
  2. American express SmartEarn Credit card
  3. American Express membership Reward credit card

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is Welcome Gift available only in the first year payment?

Yes, Welcome Gift available only in the first year payment on spending INR 2K and on completing 60 days of membership.

  • Do eligible spends include cash advances?

No, eligible spends do not include cash advances. Statement credit will be given for eligible spends in 10 working days.

  • Nor does eligible spends include cash advances made from account, fess or balance transfer.

So, the American Express rewards Credit cards seems to be a good option. You get a lot of rewards based on your spending. As they say, everyone is different and so you need to choose a card that best suits your lifestyle. So chose the card that best suits you as there is a wide variety of cards available. You can apply for a card very easily and then enjoy your life.

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