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Www Vadamalli Com

Vaadamalli (Www Vadamalli Com) is a movie filled with thriller suspense and drama moves. Albert Antoni directs the story. The star cast in the film was Rahul Madhav, Richa Panai, Ramesh, and Niji Mary. The mystery of the story lies in its climax when the young girl’s disappearance is solved from the descriptions of a few of her friends. The script of the story is prepared with much suspense.

Trendy movie review of Www Vadamalli Com

The movie has a classy backdrop of the trendy music college where students do everything except learning music. From the movie concept, one can easily understand that the movie is likely to be filled with music. The film begins with a drastic accident scene that runs everything virtually wrong.

Movie script by Verma and Shine

Rajesh Verma and Lazar Shine presented the music of the movie script, who are supposed to be one of the top music directors in the industry. The movie is filled with thrillers, and also it gives thrilling suspense with the outcome in the end. Vasu is supposed to save Brinda (Richa Panai) when she falls into the river from the houseboat.

Brinda is highly impressed with Vasu.

Brinda’s heroine is highly impressed and completely smitten when he saws the raw charm of his. In the beginning, the Hero Vasu ignores the heroine, and she understood that Vasu is ignoring her. The cause of ignorance was that the Hero belonged to a needy family. He, therefore, did not want to grow any likings for the girl.

Vasu ignores Brinda’s advances.

Vasu understood that Brinda is fascinated by him, and she is eager to go into a relationship with her. Vasu knew that he is poor, and his status and Brinda’s would never match. The whole film is based on the junkies in the college who truly take the drug out from the open. These people in the college wear stylish outfits, carefree people with easy-go attitudes. They dance along, and they waste their time after useless and wasteful things.

Filled with thrill and romance

The story is meant to have thrill, drama, and romance mixed under one platform with several upcoming twists and turns in the movie plot. Vasu ignores Brinda and her advances, but finally, he has to bow down to her advances and honest romance. Both of them engage in a relationship soon. They start exchanging love and care for each other. Brinda has no problem with Vasu’s societal status.

Provides a sense of silly looking saga

The song and dance numbers in the movie for some time provides a sense of silly looking saga. The cinematography of the movie and the highlights of the film are based upon the excellence delivery by Vaidy S Pillai. Vaadamalli is an excellent picture of thrill ad drama mixed in one frame. The name of the music college in the movie is Beethoven Music College. Vasu Damodar, the Hero (Rahul Madhav), comes from a colony where he is supposed to be known to some gangs.

Good with visuals

The pattern is trendy with good visuals. The inane storyline crafts a beautiful and credible movie with some features of beautiful moments and picturesque views. Things look ridiculously contrived. The film was ranked below average by some forecasts, but it is superb and awesomely crafted for movie freaks. The movie is a Malayalam based. The movie looks ridiculously contrived with a trendy pattern. 

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