Www.oss.go.id daftar – Importance Of Licensing Your Business

Www.oss.go.id daftar

Www.oss.go.id daftar – It is always important to license your business so that everything could be taken under a specific section and it makes the people to understand the ownership as well as the service your provide the quality of your product. It is not only to work on your service or product it is equally important to license your business. Let me tell you an example, why do a new born gets a birth certificate? By which the baby get identification, literally the baby is registered as an Indian citizen. Now let’s get into the point, in the same way a company or a business need to be registered. For that what all you wanted to do is continue reading

Have you ever come across the term OSS? If never I will explain you clearly why is that needed and what it is actually?

Www.oss.go.id daftar
Www.oss.go.id daftar

What is OSS and who issue them (Www.oss.go.id daftar):

OSS is nothing but a license for your business which is expanded as Online Single Submission or it is also said to be Tribunners, Electronically Integrated Business Licensing which is being given by the OSS Institution. This is something important which you need to take into your account. And it is being issued by the Ministers, Institutional leaders, Governors, mayors to Business Actors which is given via a system called integrated Electronic system. Now you must be clear with the term OSS and who is issuing them.

Who all can use this OSS system:

There is certain group of businesses with certain categories who all can get this license and who need to use in this they are

Any individual businesses can use in this OSS licensing and any of the business entities can get this license. Now you may have doubt whether is this suits only for newly started  businesses? it is applicable for both the newly started business as well as the companies or businesses established before the OSS operation can use them in applying this license.

It can be any kind of business like it might be micro business, small business, medium business and large businesses or enterprises. So low to high anyone can apply and get this license. This OSS is absolutely used in the business processing by the business actors. Who all check and get into a conclusion.

Capital of the company:

Any company needs a capital only through which they can run their business right so that capital can be entirely from within the country or it can a foreign capital, to be tell in detail the money which is invested can be from anywhere like if you are an Indian and your capital is entirely from India then you are eligible to apply for OSS. And If you are an Enterprises from India but your capital amount is from USA then it is completely ok to apply OSS.

If you don’t know How to manage with the UMKM Assistance with the amount of Rupees 2.4 million from kemenkop UKM, don’t hesitate to register Www.oss.go.id daftar, make it fast and enjoy the benefits.

Now you may get a doubt what are the uses and benefits in using the OSS and here is the detailed explanation:

  1. It permits you to facilitate the management of multiple businesses so that it is so much accessible and available
  2. It helps in permitting related to the location (so that is highly helpful in choosing the required and permitted location so any future problems regarding the location can be solved easily)
  3. It helps in permitting environment (any business require a suitable environment so the specific environment helps in developing your business further)
  4. It helps in permitting buildings (Any business require particular and good building for more comfort so definitely OSS helps you in this)
  5. Your business may be in any level like central or regional level. For which OSS helps you in that permit requirements with much care
  6. It helps in connecting with all the stakeholders and provides a safe permit as well we know “TIME IS GOLD” so everything will be done in a super-fast system
  7. Real time facilitating business actors are available in solving your license issues as well as reporting problems to the business actor as quick to fix the issue and these licensing data is stored in one business identity (NIB)

Terms and Conditions before accessing to OSS:

  1. Hold a NIK with you and input that in the user id creation process
  2. And this mostly mandatory for the business actors in the business entities form NIK National identification Number is required in the charge of business entity for sure it make the process clear.
  3. The business entities established by the foundations, cooperatives, CVs, firms, and civil associations must complete the legal entity legalization process to make the process successful.
  4. Business at the Ministry of Law and
  5. Human rights should do this through AHU Online before achieving to the process.
  6. Business actors in the form of perum and permuda other legal entities which are owned by the state, public service entities or broadcasting institutions has to be prepared with the legal basis for establishing a business entity.

Now every details and terms conditions are over now let’s get in to the procedure after completing all these steps and achieving all these steps we can get into the procedure

Procedure to be followed:

Step 1: create the user id in Www.oss.go.id daftar

Step 2: log in to the OSS System using user id provided

Step 3:Fill those given date to obtain the number called Business Identification Number shortly called as (NIB)

For any new businesses:

you can go with the different process which is obtaining basic licenses, business permits and / or commercial or operational permits, simultaneously handle them with their commitments.

For any preexisting businesses:

You can continue the process of obtaining new business permits (business and / or commercial licenses) which are not owned before

For extending existing business licenses/developing business/changing businesses:

Can be achieved through updating company data

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