Who Are You My Husband Novel Pdf Free Download & Read Online (Chapter 17)

Who Are You My Husband Novel Pdf

In this selfish and fast world, if we can trust anyone after blood relations, it would be naturally our husband or wife who turns out to be one and only friend and partner for the entire lifetime. But then there are many times that this relation changes and turns out to be the most hurting relations in the world. Today, we are going to talk and discuss the novel “Who Are You My Husband Novel Pdf”.

A story was so well written by Rachael Carpenter. The story has been beautifully explained and we feel as if we are seeing it happen in front of our eyes. The beginning till the end has all sorts of fiction, sadness, hope, belief, love, hatred, and more. We live all sorts of feelings through this single story. A really well-done story by Ms. Rachael Carpenter.

Who Are You My Husband Novel Pdf
Who Are You My Husband Novel Pdf

What exactly is the story about?

Well, to begin with we get to know about a pure soul who is a single daughter and whose mother dies during her birth only to bring hardships for her. Her father who marries brings in a step mother for this child who truly proves to be a stepmom. Later they have a baby girl yet another reason to pour in sorrows on our main character who is forced to live a life full and loaded with sadness and sorrows. But she manages to find a man in her life who is her boyfriend where this little girl gets all the warmth and care and love which she deserved through all these years.

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A heartbroken so much!

This special guy moves on to study further and the sweet girl decides to wait for him to study and pursue better job and future for their secure and happy life. But only to find that this man goes on to find another lady whom he proposes in the night club. The girl gets hurt seeing this but actually gets broken to find that the girl is none other than her step sister.

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The sudden dose of shock.

Walking down the road in total shock and a broken heart she goes and gets hit by a car and returns home bandaged to only find that her so called father and step mom have brought in a wedding proposal for her that too with a man almost 30 years older than her. The girls gets totally shocked and does not know how to escape from this situation. The step mom has all plans to get this little girl married away and then get on to all the wealth of the girl’s real mother’s business.

Thinking all possibilities, the confused girl calls on to the man who had helped her after the car accident and asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend to escape from this horrid marriage proposal. The young man agrees to help the innocent girl and understands that she has been trapped in a terrible situation by her step mom and step sister and father also to be added. The boy, just to save the girl says that he is not just her boyfriend but they have also got married secretly as they both love each other so much. He says this just to try and pull the girl out of her horrid family.

But even this plan by the little girl puts her only in to trouble than adding up any kind of relief in her difficult life. The step mom asks her to leave the house as they are married and that she should never return back as she married against their wishes. Here the writer just wants to tell the readers that the step mom is only trying all possibilities to throw the girl out of their house, life and the property.

 The girl who has now lost everything in her life does not find any place for her and sits in a cold bench in the park. She is so much stressed, hurt both physically and emotionally and lost everything in her life, falls unconscious. The man who saved her by acting to be married to her, sees her and feels pity on her and takes her to his villa.

The FastTrack

IS the story going toward a happy ending or is it going to be just all bad for this unlucky poor girl? Will she ever get love in her life? The readers are going to be too anxious and would be eagerly waiting for the copy of their book to complete the entire story.

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Is the book ‘Who Are You My Husband Novel Pdf’ available for online reading?

You will find two options for this online mode. One is the online read the book and the other is the pdf mode. So preferably, people would love to read it online rather than sit and download the pdf and read it. Such time consuming process.

The story will be available in chapters and will be available for all its fans and readers shortly.


There are quite a large number of readers across the globe and readers often look for something interesting and books and stories which can keep them engaged throughout their busy schedule or a boring dull day lagging in a home like the times now during the pandemic. ‘Who Are You My Husband Novel Pdf’ is one such story to keep the readers longing to keep reading and waiting for the next set of chapters of the story. It is sure to win hearts all across the world of readers.

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  1. Pls I need the PDF version of the book. I have been looking for it since I got to read the online version. I need it with the original characters without changes.

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