Vinayaka Chavithi Katha In Telugu Pdf Free Online

Vinayaka Chavithi Katha In Telugu Pdf

Vinayaka Chavithi Katha In Telugu Pdf – Everyone worships Gods in their way, depending on the culture and region. Vinayaka Chaturthi is an important festival that comes in the month of Bhadrapada. Many people in India worship this special day in their way. It is an auspicious day where people follow it with fast and worship Lord Ganesh. 

In some parts of India, it is also called “Vinaya Chavithi”. Lord Ganesh, the son of Shiv Parvathi, is the first worshipper while performing any deed. Everyone celebrates it wholeheartedly and perform all rituals that are set up by scholars.

Many people still looking out to get detailed information and rituals that are to perform. So for such people who need to get the reference and follow it accordingly can go for “Vinayaka Chavithi Katha In Telugu Pdf”. The best part is all the Tamilians who are willing to know the exact story and rituals t worship can find this PDF in Telugu and thus find it very useful. It is also said one must listen to the whole story for at least 41 days to get a good husband or wife.

Vinayaka Chavithi Katha In Telugu Pdf
Vinayaka Chavithi Katha In Telugu Pdf

What supplies are required for Vinaya Chavithi Pooja?

This Pooja requires to have pre-preparation with all the supplies that are needed on the day of Pooja. So, the standard supplies that one may need are sandalwood, camphor,21 types of leaves, quotes, turmeric, saffron, jaggery /sugar, Kundu, incense, nuts, flowers, candles, ghee/oil, betel nuts, bananas, status of Lord Ganesh, toram, coconuts, vats, pudding, panchamritas, dishes.

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How to prepare for the Pooja?

During this day everyone tie veil in house and perform Pooja with a pure heart. The Pooja is performed early in the morning after having the bath. Make sure to wash the head and wear washed clothes to perform this Pooja. Many people love to decorate their houses to welcome Lord Ganesh, also called Swami.

We should place the idol of God that is already bought at some clean place. If you have pedestal place the idol over it and worship God. Rice must be placed on the plate, and some vessels must be placed on it. The vessel can be copper, silver, or earthenware as per your abilities. Flowers, mango leaves, and axes must be put on the vessel. A vase must be formed with coconut, and chitti yellow Ganapati must be created with yellow paste.

For further preparation, take a glass of water with a spoon and plate. It is advisable to have clean cloth while performing Pooja to clean your hands as yellow and saffron are mostly used in the Pooja. Once you are prepared, the first thing is to “Bow and Pray in front of the Idol”.

What to do while performing Pooja?

  • The first thing is to say the prayers with the shlokas. 
  • Next is to perform the will as mentioned in the book.
  • It’s time to do Kalsapooja where shloka must be recited and all the supplies must be placed as said.
  • Now you need to perform Vigneshwara Pooja followed by the mantra.
  • Meditation must be done where yellow Ganapati must be worshipped with different supplies like sandalwood, saffron, flowers, turmeric and axes. Incense stick must also be lighted, and jaggery must be offered to the idol.
  • Pranapratishtha is done by sprinkling panchamritas and flowers on the idol. Axes and flowers must be placed on the feet of the idol.
  • Lastly, some axes must be placed in hand before narrating the story, and after finishing the story, axes must be put on the head.
  • Further, many shlokas must be recited and performed, as mentioned by the scholars.

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Why to perform Vinaya Chavithi Pooja on Bhadrapada?

As said by Lord Krishna one who performs Vinaya Chavithi Pooja on Bhadrapada and worships Lord Ganesh will have a good life. One has to listen to Shamanta Kopakhyana and also put axes on their heads during this day. One must worship Lord Ganesh according to their abilities with a pure heart to bring happiness in their life.

Everyone must perform Pooja on this auspicious day to make your life happy against all the evil veils. As said in the story, one should not envy others or should do evil deeds as everything come to us in one or other way.

How is Vinayaka Chavithi Katha In Telugu Pdf beneficial?

The new generation is not having the idea of all our rituals, and so this book will help them out. It would help our children to learn our customs and follow them to worship Lord Ganesh. In this Pooja, different leaves are used that will teach about the importance of nature in our life.

Torah can be made with three, five and nine knots that can be wored by children and even teenagers. Children’s would find it very interesting as they have to wear new clothes to perform Pooja. This PDF has helped parents to teach about our culture to their children and thus get their interest in it.

How to download the PDF?

One who is willing to know about the correct rituals that are set by our scholars can download the PDF and follow it. There is no need for any book or guidance as this PDF has everything related to the Pooja, if you are also willing to get it to download it from and store in your device.

This PDF is available for all, and no one is required to spend a single penny for it. Moreover, you are free to share this book with your family and friends who too perform this Pooja. So, if you are willing to know everything about Vinaya Chavithi Pooja download the book and follow it.

It has all the details regarding Pooja long with the shlokas that are to be recited. This book would also help one to know the story behind performing this Pooja. One who does not have an elder in their home or leaving far from them can follow it to perform Pooja.

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