Un servicio al jefe pdf : the story of the boss

Un servicio al jefe pdf

Un servicio al jefe pdf is one of the true stories which speak about the gripping true story of the rise and fall of one of the most dangerous men in the world. The most dangerously feared and one of the notorious of all the Mexican cartel leaders, Joaquin Guzman was the ultimate narco. The nickname of El Chapo shortly believed to have deadly powers. He was given the name as El Jefe of the boss of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Un servicio al jefe pdf
Un servicio al jefe pdf

Portrayal of the character

The man had great taste of power and also was filled with power of brutality, charm, and taste for the ultimate luxury. The dramatic prison escapes the unlikely encounter with the Sean Penn and also his portrayal. The hit Netflix series portrays the Narcos. The all burnished images of the world’s most infamous outlaws. Un servicio al jefe pdf is an extra-ordinary story of the legend. It is about a 24 years old IT-guy who played his downfall. He was captured by US and Mexican law enforced in the operational years in the making.

Author of the story

The author of the story is Alan Feuer-a New York Times reporter. The actual language of the story is in Spanish language. It is written in the romantic genre. Readers can read the novel in the pdf form too. The story is about a service to the boss. The boss needed a service but only she could give him the right one. It is the lady who signs the contract to serve the boss. The novel is available on the social media platform divided into sections.

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Words of apology

The lady managed to say couple of words of apology out of nowhere. The boss ordered the lady to shut up and stay in their place. It was normal for him to stay upset all the time. The lady said to herself that she didn’t deserve any such despicable behaviour from her boss. Dropping into the closest chair and turning her back to the man said that couldn’t turn her back to her.

How was the man?

Arrived at her cubicle everything seemed a kind of crazy than the previous days. Serena was the next door companion next door allowing herself a moment to talk to the speaker. He is a made fury man who answered about arranging some files. The nature of the next door speaker was little anxious. Then she was asked to leave after a while. The girls used to say that the boss was very strange. It was all because of the boss.

The boss and his tidbits

Listening to Un servicio al jefe pdf, the lady exclaimed what a stupid girl she would be cheating such type of a man. The man was so handsome and in addition to that he was also rich. The chief was not only handsome but also fair in complexion with golden texture. According to the FORBES magazine, he appeared on number 3. Nobody knows why his girlfriend cheated him. The lady thought for a while what her fault in that was. The attributes did not serve to cover the horrible character.

Lights from the room of the boss

One night while leaving the office late, the lady saw that all employees had already left the workplace. There were lights coming from the room of the boss under the door. The lady sighed checking the wristwatch for the current time. The lady wanted to ask the boss but feared the beast in him. The next moment she planned to drop the idea as she was tired. Still she tried to ask him.

The boss was in mess

When the speaker reached the room, she found him sitting on the desk with his tie undone around his neck. His hair was tousled and his eyes were fixed on the couple of fabric swatches. The lady asked the boss that it was quite late and it was about 10 o’ clock when it was whispered. Listening to the time he immediately called off the papers on the mahogany table and turning to the lady asked why hasn’t they left office by 8.

Walking past together

It seemed that the man was to ask of the pending issues which should not have been reminded of. She watched as she frowned and prepared for him and stated a bad attitude moment. The boss walked past the lady and she watched his neck as she hated the demanding way of his gesture. She decided to take the bus home but the boss said that it would take ages to go back home. Thus they walked towards the parking lot.

Reaching the parking lot

While reaching the parking lot she found that there were only 3 cars and so they walked down the bottom where the Mercedes Benz was parked. The lady asked where her boss was taking her. The first minutes of the road went almost dead in silence. The boss saw her out from the corner of his eyes. She didn’t seem to be more than 35 years old. Her tastes were very boring.

Travelling from office towards home

He whispered to the miss and paused for a moment. He was actually trying to make even the smallest word possible for the mind. The lady suddenly said that it was absolutely ok as he was going through bad days. The boss looked for a moment at the lady and answered quickly saying – nothing. Then he asked his eyes off the lady and continued to drive. After sometime, the car reached at the apartment building observing how he looked at them carefully.

Picking up at 7 am

The way the boss was looking at the building, it seemed that it meant as if he was comparing the building with his penthouse or a quadrant of him. The boss said that he will pick her up again at 7am. While saying good night he opened the door for her to go out of the car. The next day she got up late but tried to get ready with all her speed. There was only 10 minutes left for 7 o clock to strike the clock.

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