The Rise Of Abe Chou Novel Book Story Download In PDF (Readme) Chapter 11

The Rise Of Abe Chou Novel

The story of The Rise Of Abe Chou Novel has many aspects of it. From all of these aspects, one is about the density of humans, how the fortune keeps changing and there is no one who is rich and poor for permanent destiny has something for this aspect is also covered in it. When you are reading this novel you find many things which are common and faced by all of us once in our life as human beings.

The Rise Of Abe Chou novel is written by Qasim Khan on September 6, 2020. In this novel, you read about the story of a boy named Abe chou which is a son in law in a very bad and abusive family who never treats him as a son in law. He is so much disturbed and stressed up from his life as nothing is going right and good.

The Rise Of Abe Chou
The Rise Of Abe Chou

Chapters in The Rise Of Abe Chou Novel

But suddenly one day he knows about his real identity from which he is unaware and he finds that he is not an ordinary poor man he is completely the opposite of this. There are many chapters in this novel we cover some of them here.

Deserve the handsome and genuine person Dustin Zhou

Then he asked his wife about please give me some money and said that the hospital urged me again then he looks with an ashamed face to his wife and then Mira Xie his wife hand over the money to him and Dustin Zhou with feeling ashamed lower down his head and said thanks to his wife with a very low voice. Mira Xie is a tall lady having delicate features of face she definitely doesn’t deserve the handsome and genuine person Dustin Zhou but this poor man was still behind her.

It was a story of three years ago when Dustin Zhou completes his graduation from the junior college and he plans about his great future ahead but no one know what gonna happen next his mother who alone raise him got uremia and Dustin was very much worried about the expense of medical and he don’t want to lose his mother on the other side Mira xie who loved Dustin Zhou from the three years in school offered him a marriage proposal said that marry me as soon as possible and become son in law of my family and she also assure him that she will give a lot dowry to him but Dustin Zhou is well known that Mira xie didn’t love him she only did this act of love because of the another man but Dustin accept this proposal because he wants money for his mother treatment.

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So he accepts her but Mira xie never gave him respect and love in her family everyone treat him like a animal and Mira xie family is also never accepted him since from the day one of marriage but he accepts all this because he don’t want to loose his mother who raised him alone. Mira xie didn’t allow him to even touch her after the three years of marriage also.

When Dustin again wants money from his wife for her mother treatments on when Mira xie handed over the money to him her mother opened the door and came inside the room and said that why are you giving money to this garbage again?

She starts shouting at Dustin Zhou

And she starts shouting at Dustin Zhou, and says, “Tell me, how much money have you taken from our house in the past three years?” and she asked tell me when you give a single penny to this house you always came here to take the money from us what did you think we opened a charity here so every time you come and take the money. The wordings of his mother in law pinch him so much and then he replied that mom I promise you that I’ll definitely return the complete payment to mira but at this time I want this money because my mom is waiting in the hospital this is the time of her dialysis…”

Then his mother in law also started shouting loudly and said what is the relation of your mother’s illness with our family is a bank for you and your mother? and then she said that you only know about your mother and money. Did you know your wife’s company is suffering from the difficult stage? After saying all this she said that Mira I can’t give this money to him at any cost and then she snatched the money from his hands then Mira said that mom forgets it my company difficulties won’t be solved by this then thousand yuan, after seeing all this Dustin Zhou hurt and feels that why I can’t be capable to help my life as his cosmetic company is going through difficult stages he feels so helpless because he can’t support her like a pillar.

His mother in law is very much disappointed in him. He said that what is the use of you? I haven’t seen any son in law who is not earning money.

Then at that day at 12 noon there was someone knocking at the door and Dustin Zhou stand by lowering his head feeling ashamed then Mira xie go to open the door there was a delivery man who was standing outside the door with large bouquets of rose flowers and he said that “Mira xie, these are today’s flowers, please sign for it!”

By seeing the bouquet Dustin Zhou knows that who sent her these flowers and he is Chalrlie chen who ignored mira three years ago and as the result of this Mira xie choose Dustin Zhou as her family son in law but now one year ago he came back from abroad after completing his studies when he returns back the first thing he does is pursue a stalker for Mira xie. One year ago when he sends flowers Mira xie refuses to accept these and then he starts sending flowers every day. Mira xie is feeling broken and hurt from inside what he did to her in the past three years ago so she never accepted her gifts and always show loyalty towards Dustin Zhou.

These is some of the stories from chapter 1 there are many chapters also so for reading please visit our website and download the pdf.

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