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The House on Mango Street Pdf

The House on Mango Street Pdf particularly is on ‘No speak English’ those who are unable to communicate effectively and relegate to the lower levels of the society. Mamacita moves in with her husband and becomes a prisoner of her apartment as she was not an English Speaker. In the story, the protagonist is seen missing her home and listening to the radio station that runs in the Spanish language. Her baby begins to learn some English words.

The new language excludes her from society. In the same way, Esperanza’s father also could not make out from the English words what he was told about when he moved first in the country. He was unaware of the words that people spoke around him. The only words which he could speak were Ham and Eggs. Esperanza’s mother would have been a native speaker but the letter she wrote were simply unconvincing as they hardly could express the thought.

It was written in the poor language and broken structure in English. Since they were unable to understand any good impacts of the new language, therefore Esperanza looked around her realizing the fact that she was unfit for the society for her language. The power of the language could not manipulate her and give her powers to expression. You can download the house on mango street pdf.

The House on Mango Street Pdf
The House on Mango Street Pdf

The major characters in the novel The House on Mango Street Pdf are enlisted below:

  • Esperanza is the protagonist of the novel who wishes for a home of her very own. The House on Mango Street Pdf portrays a different chronicle that makes her matured emotionally. The name of the heroine Esperanza means hope and she truly portrays her dream in her life.
  • Lucy and Rachael– They are Esperanza’s best friends who lived across the same street when she lived there with them. Lucy was born in Texas and Rachael was born in Chicago.
  • Sally- She was another friend of Esperanza, whom she found when she moves in the mango street. She is of the same age as her. Sally had a father who was emotionally and physically abusive. Esperanza always had a protective feeling for Sally.
  • Nenny– Nenny whose real name is Magdalena and she was very pretty. She is a little immature and often ended up being a source of embarrassment for Esperanza. When they were young, they played with Lucy and Rachael.
  • Marin- She is a young and pretty woman who came down from Puerto Rico to live with her family of the cousin’s. Although she had a fiancé yet she dreamt of other American men taking her away from the Mango streets to the other places.
  • Papa and Mama- They are Esperanza’s father and mother with whom she grew up in the United States. They seem to influence Esperanza very little. After a certain span in her life, all her attributes to achieve something great in life were all lost due to them.
  • Alicia- Esperanza’s friend attended the local university and she was the only girl in the neighbourhood who had hardly tried to escape from her marriage and instead worked hard with hopes to change her life and win freedom for her.
  • Cathy- Cathy was Esperanza’s first friend in the neighbourhood who moved in after a week Esperanza’s family shifted. She became friends with Esperanza, Rachael and Lucy.

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In terms of spiritual factor, Esperanza was free from within. She wished to use beautiful languages to write about terrible experiences. These experiences seem to be less awful as they will help her to express the words in her way. In one word, Esperanza’s spiritual freedom eventually give up the power to turn up free as well. It was a struggle for self-definition. IT is quite a common theme in this coming-age-of-the-novel.

It is also said to be a bildungsroman in The House on Mango Street Pdf. It was a challenge for Esperanza to express her both as an artist and as a woman. At a point, Esperanza wanted to change her name and separate herself from her parents. This is going to help her create her world that will run according to her decisions. In a point, she turns out quite aware of her physical appearance and gender identity. Being a writer she observes the right kind of changes while interacting with the world around.

Thus writing down promises to help her leave the mango Street is going to create physical disturbances along with some emotional issues too. In The House on Mango Street Pdfthere is a clear theme of versus Autonomy. The desire to escape and the desire to come closer to men become significant.

Most of the women that Esperanza comes across find her all in delight. She combines with autonomy at the same time being cruel and beautiful from within. Seeing the explicit women in society, Esperanza decides not to become like any of them either. Her dire observations about marriage and the married life turn out all the yearning of needs seeing the neighbouring boys in the neighbourhood.

Incidentally, she finds out many women who are stuck up due to the basic two reasons. One category is laid down due to problems in married life and some are trapped in the family life due to their children. Esperanza dreams of being with Sire but tried to control herself in the dreams. In the encounter with other boys on the street, in reality, she loses her control over her mind and those boys get the chance to abuse her and assault her literally. There she hardly could protest.

Through the incidents, Esperanza realizes that she will hardly be able to understand the real concept of freedom unless and until she comes out of her life of being with the boys in her neighbourhood. So what she does next? Esperanza put off her discovery of her awareness. The assaults she received from the society provide her with great freedom at least to think and not act.

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