What Book Is The Haunting Of Bly Manor Based On? Release Date

The Haunting Of Bly Manor Book

If you are looking for horror drama in your favourite streaming site, go for “The Haunting Of Bly Manor Book”. It is a horror series that can grab the attention of users and positive feedback. After a long time, something new and unique has been released and which has gained attention. This horror series is based on “The turn of the screw” novel, which is written by Henry James.

One who is a big fan of horror movies or series might have heard about “The Haunting of Hill House”. This new series is the follow up of the haunting hills, but there is no connection between both series so that viewers can directly watch Bly manor. The haunting of bly manor as released on 9th October, 20202 for their viewers. Videography, background music, acting are just fantastic and can grab people’s attention.

The series is ruling the Netflix because of the story, plotting and suspense. This horror story will show the other side of love which exists even after death.

The Haunting Of Bly Manor Book

What’s the story all about?

The story starts with Henry Wingrave (Henry Thomas) who is a person living in London and has the responsibility of a niece and nephew on his shoulder. These orphan ides live in Bly manor which is a rural town in England and Henry is looking for some governess to look after kids. Soon, his search came to an end with Dani Clayton (Victoria Pedretti) who is a young American lady and looking out for the job. No one was ready to take the job in Bly due to some catch, but Dani was a messy person, and she was looking for employment and s accepted the proposal.

She agreed to become the governess of both kids named Miles (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) and Flora (Amelia Bea Smith). Henry told Dani that their last governess has died on-premises. On arrival at the house in Bly manor, Dani sees some strange people that were not mentioned by the employer. The two kids are living in the house along with a cook, gardener and ales housekeeper who are responsible for taking care of the premises.

Soon, Dani accompanied kids in Bly and witnessed some paranormal activities taking place in the house. She even noticed figure with holes in the mirror, and this starts the drama. Both kids are not only aware of the ghost in the house but also can talk with them. Flora, the little girl, has spooky dolls as a collection while the boy miles was restricted from school as he tries to murder his classmate. It made clear that this is not a typical family as there are some unexpected and scary waiting for Dani. With time and near the end of the episode, you would come to know that it is a scary love story.

Review of The Haunting Of Bly Manor series

There is a mystery on the death of the Parents of kids, the previous governess and the denial of uncle visiting Bly manor that creates suspense. This series is not just like any other ghost story as with every episode; there is a back story related to every character that keeps you engaged. As you go on seeing episodes, you would soon realize that every member living in this mansion is separated from their loved ones through death, trauma or disease. Dani was told to not come from the room at night, but she ignores it and sees something unexpected and terrifying.

The haunting of Bly manor is a love story which would be revealed as you come to an end but has many twist and horror. The story focuses on love and how the loved ones are stuck with each other even after death. 

The series is all about secrets and haunting of people that are turned into scary and horror. It also focused on the lost love of Dani and other characters of the series.

Viewers need to keep the flow as missing a single story will make them confused. The visual and acting of actors are the reason for the positive word of mouth. The whole set up which includes mirror, curtain and other such things looks like a mystery that keeps up the horror drama. Some secrets and stories make it a onetime watch series. So, if you too were looking for something horror and haunted go for “The haunting of Bly manor”. 

How many episodes are there in series?

The series was released on corer 9, 2020 and form the date of release it has grabber viewer’s attention. There are a total of 9 episodes in the series where each episode is different from one another. The mysterious story, along with revelations, has made people stay engaged and thus has helped to get good feedback.

If you too love horror drama and looking out form something new and haunting go for “The haunting of Bly manor”. This story is not only about the ghost but also about love and who your loved one will be with you after their death. So, it is quite interesting to see how the horror drama converts into a love story and makes viewers entertained.

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