Textbooknova.com Reviews – Is Legit Or Not?

Textbooknova.com Reviews

Today, we will be reviewing a website that allows you to buy books online at affordable prices. This website is named Textbooknova.com

As you go to college, since you are pursuing your higher studies, it is obvious that it all requires more money. And more the syllabus you have to study, more the textbooks you need to buy. Sometimes, buying these textbooks get really very tough financially. Even though getting free textbooks might be nothing more than just a daydream, there are definitely some ways.

Do you want to buy books online for the best price? What if you learn there is a database of books that can help you search and get the best prices for any book you are looking for? TextBooknova.com allows you to find a book based on different criteria. Through this article, we will also set up – What is the legitimacy of textbooknova.com?

If you live in the United States and are looking for affordable options to buy books, check out their website. There are many different categories for you to choose from, from textbooks to fiction. Compare prices and buy the one that suits you best.

Textbooknova.com Reviews

What is a textbooknova.com reviews?

Textbooknova.com Reviews is a website that helps you search for books online in the United States. It has a large database of books. You can search by many criteria such as book category, author, title and ISBN. Some of the books listed on TextBooknova.com include Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Java, Mystery, Music, Photography and more.

You will also receive detailed information about the book, including editions, authors, publishers, binding types, number of pages and user ratings. The website further refers to other similar books and you can even compare prices. TextBooknova.com also gives you the opportunity to trade the book for cash.

The website is very old and has been on the web for many years. In terms of social media presence, they have low numbers on some platforms.

There is not much information about the website on the internet, but it is an excellent platform to search for books online, mainly for textbooks.

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What are customers saying?

Textbook Nova has very little following on social media platforms. In terms of reviews, the textbook Nova has been mentioned for some time in some online discussions. These discussions mainly talked about safe websites to search for online pdfs of books. So the website seems to be reliable.

Although TextBooknova.com has not determined whether it is valid, it does establish some verification. Otherwise there is no response from customers on their social media handles or even on their website.

The last scene

Textbooks have been on the internet for ten years now. This is a book database that allows you to buy books at a low price. You have the opportunity to choose from several categories, and then buy the one that suits you best. They also allow you to trade for cash if you no longer need the book.

Things are not always this way: the price of college textbooks has increased since the 1970s. According to a survey more than 65% of college students choose not to pay for course books, which finally affects their grades.

Before you spend any money on college or high school textbooks, you should see if you find them for sale online, as you can get it for much cheaper price. Textbook Nova is a site that accurately identifies textbooks on Amazon. All you have to do is enter the title, keyword, author or ISBN of the book that you are searching.

Let’s start with something better than cheap: you need to know the many free resources that offer free college textbooks. These are just a few of them, there are a lot more options which are available.

How to get free college textbooks

Project Gutenberg

The Gutenberg initiative of the project includes about 50,000 electronic books online. The textbook you need may be there.


Look inside your city library. If they do not have the book you need, ask if they can find the library on their library branch network. They have a good chance of getting it through the Inter Library Loan Program. The beautiful thing about it is that it costs you nothing!

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Ask for the option to buy books

Most college teachers remember how often they studied in college. You can ask for a free hard copy or online version of the textbook which can help you for the semester.

Where to get the cheapest college textbooks

Buy used ones for big discounts

You can also use college textbooks for sale on the Internet. There are some great sites to buy cheap college textbooks. Most of these sites allow you to rent and sell your textbook.

Where used textbooks are rented

Some sites only specialize in renting college textbooks. They do not offer a way to buy them, but they do give you a platform to rent and return the textbooks once you are done. Some of the best sites‌:

Amazon textbook rental page

You could also consider textbooknova.com itself, which even though is not that popular, but has got some positive reviews in the net. As a college student, textbooks are really very important and if you cannot even afford them, then you might want to consider the lists that are available in the net.

Textbooknova.com seems to be a really very good website but you could also consider the alternatives. The best part about textbooknova.com is that if you have a certain book that is also listed in their website, you can actually trade in for real money, believe it or not! Sounds really interesting.

The website also gives you all the information that you require about the book. They mention about what edition the book is, who is the author of the book, who is the publisher, binding type, number of pages and also user ratings if there are any. You can add a user review if you own the book that is listed in the website.

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