Testnav Download For Chromebook – Chrome Extenssion For Chrome Browser

Testnav Download

Pearson’s comprehensive assessment facilitates an innovative online test delivery platform. Millions of specific high stake tests are delivered in K-12 schools by Testnav every year.

Testnav Download is secure, scalable, and reliable. Engaging activities and interactive testing is provided to students who learn and play in a digital environment.

The learning environment in today’s dynamic classrooms is technology-enhanced and media-rich. Testnav more accurately assesses student comprehension and ability.

Testnav Download
Testnav Download


The Testnav runs on a wide range of mobile devices, including iPads and other tablets.


Testnav complies with the industry-standard question and Test Interoperability (QTI) specification. It delivers any test content authored by QTI — regardless of content provider.


Testnav Download provides a high level of scalability for accelerated delivery.

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In the event of a network slowdown or interruption, testnav provides and maintains reliable sessions.TestNav saves student responses to an encrypted backup file and allows the student to continue testing in case of a network slowdown or an interruption.


Testnav enables all students to take tests online. It enables all students to take tests online from English language learners to hose with special needs.


TestNav uses local network resources already installed in schools — with minimal hardware, software, and network requirements. The proven scalability leads to accelerated delivery and zero outages during the critical weeks.


Some of the features available in testnav are not possible in paper testing. Technology enhances items that engage students.

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