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Student.freckle .com Reviews

Student.freckle .com is a great platform for all the students out there. Freckle offers more than 50, 000 free questions that the students can practice. All the students do is by starting off with a diagnostics and the algorithms of this app will automatically show students question based on their level.

You can also assign specific standards. What this means is that with click of just a button, you can assign a specific standard to all of your students or one of your student. Not only this, you can even have personalised worksheets for students at home who do not have access to any kind of technology whatsoever.

You also have the option of Fast Practice. This means that students build their math fact fluency by the ability of recalling the concepts that they have already learnt earlier. This is a computerized as well as adaptive flash cards. You can also get the sense on how your student will perform in state tests as they are designed with SBAC and PAARC Tests as their objective.

Student.freckle .com
Student.freckle .com

The students are taught with real life examples. Student.freckle .com allow students to learn maths from real world scenarios.

Today, teachers are only provided with resources that can teach up to one particular level. So teachers work day and night to find perfect content for their students. Since teachers are doing these all on their own, the aim of Student.freckle .com web app is to help these teachers. That’s why Freckle provides with differentiation platform which will help these teachers teach their students at the level that they are capable of.

The aim of Student.freckle .com is that every student must get an education which is world class. Adaptive programs only offer practice in one subject, a differentiation platform is a one-stop shop for Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science. All so that the teachers never have to search around for additional lessons or materials—everything needed is right on their screen.

Unlike flexible programs, Freckle’s separation platform allows teachers to differentiate what students learn and how they learn. This means that students engage in their reading level, on topics that interest them, while also learning in a way that suits them.

Teachers and administrators can monitor progress at the individual, classroom, school and district level. Freckle reports make it easier for teachers to identify students’ positions and whether they are ready to enrich, expand or intervene.

Students can automatically work on different subjects such as Maths, Science, and Social Science. The students are always engaged and challenged and also they will never have to face a material that is too difficult for them nor too easy either. With Freckle data, you can best reach every student. And the best part is that it is completely free of cost. 

Kaathi Teeter, a principal in a major school says that Freckle provides our teachers with the data they actually need to know how their students are doing and how easily they can track their growth. So this has got a lot of good reviews.

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