Roblox Shinobi Life 2 Code (November 2020) *Working* Free (100 SPINS)

Shinobi Life 2 Code Review

Gone are those old days when our gaming imaginations seemed limited to our video games and the games on our mobile phones. In this digitalized era, our games have also become online. There are many 3D games where we created an animated character of ourselves in another universe, and we play as that character. Among all others, Shinobi Life is one such game. In Shinobi’s life, we replicate ourselves as Shinobi characters and continue playing as that character in a different universe. Shinobis are ninja warriors, and they have their inspirations from Naruto.

How to enter codes in shinobi life 2?

The main objective behind creating this game was to break open the boundaries of online gaming. In Shinobi, you have the liberty to create your character image from scratches. You have the right to conceptualize your real character, right from the attire to the weapons, and you shall have a feeling of living your own warrior life, but in an entire universe.

This game gives a realistic feeling, and this makes the game very unique. In each Shinobi world you create; there would be everything as a replica of the real world. There would be cities, buildings, political systems, laws, war, and many more features. Also, there would be practices similar to real-life like marriages, houses, etc. to bring out a realistic feeling. For this, the latest gaming techniques and equipment like 3D graphics are used to support almost all sorts of devices.

Shinobi Life 2 Code

After Shinobi’s tremendous success, the creators have launched Shinobi life two, and this version is one step ahead of Shinobi’s life. When you customize your characters, the game also allows you to decide your village or house or where you want to start. Then, one by one, as you keep playing, you keep opening up newer levels and newer skills.

Secondary chakra nature

The secondary chakra nature in you shall be randomly assigned to you after you reach the ninjutsu skill. You have the authority to determine your place of birth, your clan, and also your role as a shinobi. Like yourself, there will be many humans having their replica characters in the game, and you may have to confront and fight them.

All of them shall have equal powers like you, and they shall also have the right to choose their origin and functions. 

All of you shall have to keep playing and winning each level to reach the Shinobi top ranks one by one. Shinobi Life has an ELO-based rating system for each player that shall determine each player’s skills and rate them. It takes expertise gaming to reach Genin’s rank, and after reaching there, you get to join the team of other new Shinobis who are not trained, and who shall play or operate under the supervision a commander who has achieved Jonin rank.

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The commander shall work on upgrading the inexperienced shinobi players’ level until you are able o take part in the Chunin exam. Following that, you shall be assigned to a team, where all the players shall be real players like you.

Shinobi Life 2 Codes

Did you know, many Youtubers make an earning online by playing these games and uploading them in their channels. Such is the popularity of this show. This code helps you as a player to get some free spins that will help you enhance your character and boost it up with more powers and options. The only way to achieve these codes is to keep playing, and once you reach a certain level, you shall be able to open code for yourself. This keeps on happening throughout the game. To see the codes, go to the main menu and get the list of codes in the top right.

Let us have a look at the new code shinobi life 2:

  • Ankles Broke: Ankles Broke you to access free spins without having any cheats.
  • RELL Broken: With Shinobi Life 2 RELL Broken code too, you gain the power to get free spins without cheats.
  • RELL Worldwide: RELL Worldwide was released in September and is still active. This also gives you free spins.
  • 80k Down: 80k Down shall help you redeem Shinobi Life 2 for x15 spins
  • Get Noobed: This code sounds too funny, and this too helps in getting free spins.

Here Are Some Expired Codes

Shinobi Life 2 Codes (Expired)

  1. InsertCodeLol! – Redeem code for free spins!
  2. BeegeeCl05ked! – Redeem code for free spins!
  3. SlideDUpdates! – Redeem code for free spins!
  4. SUB2RELLGAIM! – Redeem code for 15 free spins!
  5. RELLvex! – Redeem code for free spins!
  6. RELLsin! – Redeem code for free spins!
  7. L1LB047! – Redeem code for free spins!
  8. ReleaseCODE! – Redeem code for 10 free spins!

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