Rich Dad Poor Dad Pdf Free Download In English

Rich Dad Poor Dad Pdf Free Download

Today it is essential to give book knowledge but that not enough. One must be prepared at a very young age to survive in the real world, which is full of challenges. So, to teach an important lesson about life, Robert Kiyosaki’s came up with a classic book for finance genre names “RICH DAD POOR DAD”. The book teaches how to manage finance and how the rich and poor have a different perspective on money.

The core idea of the book revolves around the though “Poor people work to earn money while Rich people don’t work for money but they make money work for them”. The whole book is based on it and will teach children how they must work with passive income, cash flow and live their life. The book gained a positive response from people who are interested in investing money. The book was published in different language due to the high demand of people. The whole story revolves around “How to manage your money and make it as your wealth development tool”.

The book has a total of 10 chapters where each chapter is teaching you something. There is fear that restricts people from taking a wealthy decision. Thus Robert has focused on every vital aspect, which is essential to maintain wealth and make it work for you.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Pdf Free Download

Introduction to the story

The story is narrated by Robert Kiyosaki’s who was having two dads. A child who has one dad has to follow the advice given by him, but as Robert had two fathers, hand both had two different perspectives regarding finance One of the dads was rich while the other was poor and both have different mind-set. The rich dada was Robert’s best friend dada, who treated him as his child.

Kiyosaki’s narrate the story according to the advice given to him by both of his dads. Robert also says that he was confused as both advice was entirely different, and so he didn’t understand whom should he follow.

Schools don’t provide such education, and so people are confused about what they must do to make themselves fancily stable. Today there is financial assistance who can help people, but here Robert shows how his parents worked with financial struggle and success.

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What is the story plot?

As said by Robert “Rich people make money work for them” means that rich people work hard to learn ways that would make money work for them. It doesn’t mean that they won’t work, but they use their brain and education to think of new ideas that will help money to make more money. People who become the slave of money due to fear can’t invest money to work for them, and thus they find it very difficult to become rich.

Robert has also explained clear different about asset and liability. Assets are the things that produce income and help to get appreciation. So, Robert has given stress on buying something that can help to earn money and do not require you to invest from your pocket. The critical messages in the book are to pay off debt and invest in assets to stay financially healthy. One of the reasons why poor and middle-class people can’t get rich is they do not take the risk and consider their jobs as financial stability.

The book makes it clear that one must have financial IQ to make money. Rich people earn, spend and then pay taxes while middle-class people pay taxes before spending. One who can find deal and opportunities to invest their money in different investment packages will undoubtedly lead to the path of success. One must try to acquire knowledge and use resources that would help to make a fruitful investment.

Lastly, the book has made it clear that one must work to lean and not for money. If you can learn for work, it means you can find ways which will help you to learn new things about making money. So, it is must to have to educate as it will open the ways to make money. The book also focuses on managing cash flow, people and your need. Thus the book is to be read by everyone who finds it challenging to manage their finance and willing to have a financially secure life.

Which ideas are taught through the novel?

Rich dad and poor dad is not just story by Robert but is also teaching, and it has some morals. The ideas that are given through the book are as follows:

  • One who thinks that how much they earn is essential is wrong. As what matter is how much money you keep not how much you make.
  • The only asset that can help us to show ways of earning is not any material thing, but it’s our mind.
  • Poor and middle-class people consider their liabilities as assets, but it won’t help them to earn anything for it. Rich people acquire the assets according to research and book.
  • Once you are earning money, it’s your financial aptitude to deal with it. It’s you to think about how can you keep it with you and how the money will work for you. So, financial literate is very important to manage earnings and needs.
  • According to the book, Rich people make money work for them while poor and middle-class people work for money.

How to download the book?

The book has gained good popularity in a short time, and you are also interested in reading the book get it downloaded. So, to download a book just click on the official link and get the book in your smartphone or PC in PDF form. 


So, if you too want to learn an important lesson, download the book and try to understand the core idea. The free download option gives an option where everyone can get the book in the device and know about the perspective of people. Make your teenagers read the book to make them understand an essential part regarding finance. This storybook by Robert will help one to get financially literate and help to secure life.

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