How To Download Respondus Lockdown Browser? Free For Student (Chromebook & MAC)

Respondus Lockdown Browser Download

Anti-cheat browser

Respondus Lockdown Browser, or Lockdown Browser, is a custom web browser that discourages scams when students take online tests. Developed by Respondas this tough program does as its name suggests and locks your browser usage. It will stop copying, printing, accessing other programs and visiting other websites until your test is complete. The ban will be lifted after you submit your answers for grading.

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Focus on answering

Respondus Lockdown Browser is designed to invalidate any attempts at digital cheating when you have to take your tests online. For one, your window will be displayed full-screen and will not slow down until you are done, forcing you to focus only on your test. Here the browser menu and other options are also removed – except for the back, forward, refresh and stop functions. Copying and pasting will stop immediately. Right-click menu options, function keys, keyboard shortcuts and task-switching feature are also disabled.

However, these features are not available only when the browser is running. It can also prevent more sophisticated methods of fraud such as virtual machines, remote desktop software, screen-sharing, screen-capturing, screen recorders, instant messaging programs, programs and browser caches with timers or alerts. Additionally, online evaluation sessions used with this browser may not be open to other browsers, which may necessarily reject those who access the tests with less-secure browsers.

For school use

Another great feature is that it integrates seamlessly with software such as Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle, Sakai and Scully. It is a recommended third-party tool to pair with the Learning Management System (LMS) as it helps to reduce paper waste and slow processing time for classes and results. If students are allowed to take the test at home, they can download it from the link provided by the school on their personal computers. However, this is not intended to change your school’s default web browser, as it does not have all the functions.

Two months free trial available is in the Respondus Lockdown Browser. Its price is an annual license, which offers unlimited usage and 200 free seats of the response monitor. This program is integrated with the lockdown browser. It is a fully automated online proctor that adds a webcam feature. This is great for take-home exams, which can be done anytime of the day. For this the students have to set up their webcam, but it works just like any webcam application and closes automatically when it is done.

respondus lockdown browser download free
respondus lockdown browser download free

Not always reliable

For everyone, the Respondus Lockdown Browser is a useful tool for schools, whether for major exams or for online assessments. However, there are occasional issues such as platform incompatibility – browsers can be used on both PCs and tablets – and the user interface feels sluggish and dull. Together with the monitors of the response, the entire setup may also experience an invasion of privacy, requiring you to monitor the environment using your webcam.

In lockdown action

Students are very naive about the effort you have just given to prepare exam questions, yet they copy, share and print question papers regularly for their selfish reasons. To help prevent these prohibited actions, the browser is designed to block print function keyboard shortcuts, copy-paste and screen-capture (and recording) programs during online testing.

It not only enhances respect for the principles of browser excellence, but also enhances faculty’s confidence in trying out online courses, including online courses and online testing. Some teachers are trying to prevent online testing because they are the number one concern, a feature that students like to complain about cheating. However, using the browser, you can now try the online test with confidence and peace of mind, as you can easily set up the tests for your students with just a few clicks on the online LMS.

This is also not difficult as there are many ready-to-use resources available online on the browser’s official website, including quick start guides and demonstration videos. There are also webinars that train and provide tutorials on everything you need to know about the browser, you can only use these webinars by registering for free on the homepage of the response.

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Monitors non-proctor settings

The browser not only saves money from expensive single use exam papers, but also helps to preserve Mother Nature by reducing paper consumption and carbon footprint. Using the browser, students can now comfortably take the test in their own homes. Make sure your students have the browser installed on their devices, as well as a response monitor. It’s the best companion of the browser that uses webcam and video technology to discourage scams in places that are not advertised outside your organization.

Before the online test begins, the students must undergo a camera test to find out if the webcam works. Their webcams will automatically shut down after you click the submit button. With this, you can check and verify that your student has not done any prohibited work while writing the test with / without projector.

Where can you run (Respondus Lockdown Browser) this program?

You can install this browser on your Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS / OS X. Both versions are Chromium-based but downloading Google Chrome does not require the use of a browser. Go to its official website where you can watch the latest version of the browser, terms and conditions and a short video (made by Respondas) that tells you about the reasons used in your organization and those basic features. It is also available for iOS (iPad only), however your device must have compatible LMS integration.

Students who need to use the browser can easily download and install it on their favorite devices. The browser also offers a campus-wide service that offers different features within each organization, visit its webpage to ask for a quote for the services you need and the number of students.

Is there a better choice?

There are other web browsers that provide services such as lockdown. One of the most popular options is the Secure Test Browser (SEB). This is the web browser environment to safely manage e-assessment. Using this browser you can quickly turn your computer into a secure workstation. It restricts access to resources such as system functions, other websites and applications to prevent unauthorized resources in your online testing. The browser helps to set your online test to an online LMS or to an e-assessment system using your PC.

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