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Powerthepolls Org

Powerthepolls Org – Covid 19 pandemic leads to huge loss both in the lives and economy. It created huge difficulties in all the fields. We have nothing in hands than prevention and belied. Let’s believe that world get back to normal so soon.

WHO WE ARE (powerthepolls org): 

And here we Powerthepolls Org took a lead in recruiting the poll workers to ensure safe and secured for all the American citizens. America is also facing a huge crisis and this is a critical moment to all the citizens to come up and vote as well as there is a huge shortage in poll workers nationwide. And we are here to make the situation as much as smooth and safe as possible. Understanding the problems faced by the citizens and the government we are planning to provide the solution as much as we can, in order to serve the society.

Powerthepolls Org
Powerthepolls Org


Many of the poll workers are actually above the age of 60 and this situation is completely not favorable for the elders. So, this completely a difficult time without any doubt. The state of Kentucky has implemented in person voting system in each and every country to one polling place because of the problems coordinated with this corona.


We are highly giving importance to the very low risk candidates by which our workers won’t get prone to the disease so that they can be confident in taking care of their own personal health. By checking all this we make the poles available for in person. We believe in safety. We got only very minimum time for the voting. This is such an important election right now for America. And we focus our best in public safety as well the workers safety.

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Our poll workers can the efficiently work and there are lot of polling places are being closed due to the unavailability of workers, here we can stop closing the polls which are lagging in workers, so that it will be much accessible to the candidates.

We check in regular intervals that the election technology is functioning properly so that it minimizes the delays of the candidates. We can help better and handle better the situation. We keep on monitoring frequently so that no huge issues may occur in polling.

If any navigation issues arise then sure we can rectify it immediately for the better experience of the candidates.

We help in minimizing the length of the queues so that the rate of covid 19 spread reduces and voters can feel confident.


We Powerthepolls Org obtains the data form the web portal called WorkElections.com which is nonpartisan Fair Elections Centre. They are absolute with their data. There is information available like compensation details for the poll worker, working hours, links give to apply the application, proper training and voter registration requirements are also available. Which also includes more than 4000 authorities across the country.

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