Popsugar Banned Books 2020 List (Review)

Popsugar Banned Books Review

Popsugar Banned Books – There are uncountable book lovers we can find. For all of us book-lovers, we find solace in books, we treat the characters as real, we cry on their death, we fall in love with them, and with every end, and we feel as if an entire lifetime has ended.

There are various genres written by various famous writers. We, the readers, also have our favorite genres and authors. We write the style of writing or their narration and swear to read all of their creations. Sometimes, in their books, a few writers express some aspects way too much that they get banned everywhere or in some countries.

There are several writers we can find whose books have been banned because they promoted offensive languages or used too much content and many sorts. So, does that mean that we remain devoid of reading those books?

Not at all! Many sites publish banned books and also legally. Popsugar.com is one of those sites. Popsugar is a famous American women-centric brand that deals with topics like beauty and lifestyle, entertainment, food, health, and many more.

Popsugar Banned Books

Popsugar has now come with a website

Founded in the year 2006, Popsugar has now come with a website that would provide the readers access to all the banned books, no matter for what reasons. This is excellent news for all book lovers who adore and die to read their favorite authors’ famous books and know what the book got banned.

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PopSugar has created a list of all the books

On the website, Posugar has created a list of all the books along with a search button. The readers can directly go search there the books they want to read. There is also an option of “add books.” This enables the reader to comment on why they added the book.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: Popsugar celebrates the “Popsugar Reading Challenge,” where they encourage the readers to widen their knowledge while participating in a challenge. According to this challenge, the readers need to select one book banned from a particular genre and complete it within that month.

The same goes for the rest of eleven months. This gives us, the readers, a chance to read a book that got banned due to its reasons and then review it. This way, we can get honest reviews for those banned books, and we can judge why the book got banned. We know many books are banned, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

A vast collection of Popsugar Banned Books

There is a vast collection of banned books that are available in Popsugar that we can pounce upon. Some of these books were banned because of their political connotations, or maybe they talked of bringing up new social reforms or questioned some of the prevalent practices.

The 2020 Popsugar Reading Challenge is still one, and if you want, you can stilfPopsugar Banned Booksl participate in this challenge. This year, the theme is “a book set in the 1920s” to “a book with a character with a vision impairment or enhancement. Just participate and access a new world of unknown facts, unthinkable knowledge, and wisdom.

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