Periodic Table Of Elements Pdf Download Free Online

Periodic Table Of Elements Pdf Download

Periodic Table Of Elements Pdf is an important part of chemistry or we can also say that chemistry revolves around the periodic table. The Periodic Table Pdf Download is also known as the periodic table of elements. In this table, there is a tabular display about the chemical elements and these elements are arranged by their atomic number, chemical properties, and the electron configuration of the atoms also. The table is made in that structure which shows its periodic trends.

There are rows in it and the seven rows of the table are called the periods and in which the metals are situated on the left and the non-metal elements are placed on the right-hand side of it. There are some columns also which are called groups and these groups having those elements which are similar in their chemical behavior.

There is a total of seven groups but the six groups have their names and as well as numbers also. Let us take an example so that you are clearer about it like group 17 elements are named as Halogens and group 18 elements are known as noble gases.

In the periodic table atomic number starts from 1 which is Hydrogen and it goes through 118 atomic number which is of oganesson. These all elements and their atomic numbers are well discovered. These are completing all the seven rows of the periodic table. In this Periodic Table Of Elements Pdf, the very first ninety-four elements which are from hydrogen to plutonium these all elements occur naturally some are present in the trace elements and some come from nature itself after the first being discovered.

Periodic Table Pdf Download
Periodic Table Pdf Download

Now the other elements next to the first 94 are from 95 to 118 and these all elements are only made in laboratories with the help of nuclear reactors and nuclear explosions as well. There are many elements which are having higher atomic number are still synthesizing in the laboratories which are further be placed on the eight rows in the periodic table.

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Why is the periodic table necessary?

The organization of the periodic table is necessary to know about the details of elements and their chemical properties and their behavior too. This table helps derive the relationship between the behavior and properties of two elements. It is also very useful for predicting the behavior and chemical properties of those elements which are newly synthesized.

When it is published?

The first Periodic Table Of Elements Pdf was published by a Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev and he published it in 1869. This man also able to find out properties of some of the unrecognizable elements which are expected to fill the space gap in the periodic table. Most of his predictions proved to be correct. His idea is now being bigger and expanded as well and from this now from these more new elements is trying to find out and there will be the development of many more models for the explanation of the chemical behavior of elements. Mendeleev arranges 65 elements in a table and each element have:

1. Each element in the periodic table has more weight than the one which is present on the left side.

2. Elements who are having the Same chemical properties are situated on the same column.

But Mendeleev thinks that something is missing and he thinks that his table is still incomplete there are many gaps in the table where the elements have to be filled. So he tries to find out some more elements and then he takes the idea from Adam’s and Le Verrier because they said that they discover the Neptune planet on paper so Mendeleev took that idea and try to discover Germanium on the paper. He named this element Eka silicon because he observed the space in the table between the silicon and tin and then he tries to discover more elements on paper and then he discovered gallium and scandium on paper.

Modern Periodic Table Of Elements Pdf: 

In the modern Periodic Table Of Elements Pdf every element that is in its have its well-known chemical properties. The modern periodic table is one of the best ways or we said a useful way for analysis of the chemical reactions.

Why is it called a periodic table?

It is called a periodic table because you notice that the way how the elements are arranged is in rows and columns that’s why it is called the period’s table.

Importance of the periodic table: 

It is one of the most useful and important tools for chemistry or we said chemistry will never be complete without the Periodic Table Of Elements Pdf. Some of the reasons why the periodic table is more important: 


It is important for the identification of the elements. Because the periodic table helps identify the atomic number of the elements. When a student learns the periodic table just by looking the table he tells about that these elements have this atomic number and this atomic weight because every element have different properties and different data of its own.

2.Families and Periods of the elements: 

As you all know that Periodic Table Of Elements Pdf is made with the families and periods in which there are rows are present which is vertically and as well as horizontally also. Every element in family and period have different and its characteristics! With the help of periodic table, the person can quickly know and tell about which elements have similar chemical properties.

3.Property-based experiments: 

The information which is gathered in the periodic table help scientist to know about how the elements placed together atomically and how they will behave in the future. So one of the scientists notices that and then they try to experiment with the elements by mixing then with other elements they just tried a simple experiment by combining Hydrogen and Oxygen to make water from them.

Periodic Table Pdf Download

A Periodic Table Of Elements Pdf is useful in the classification of elements also. For example, if any new material is discovered then the scientist will compare the new elements with others to classify it.

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