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Pastor Rickie Rush Net Worth


He was an African-American senior pastor at the church named Inspiring body of Christ church, and he is not only a pastor. He was a founder of the University of dreams as well.

Personal life

He was born on March 9, 1960, and takes birth in the country of Texas. Her mother raised him until he was ten years old. He was a single mother-child, and in 1970 he lost his mother. His mother got murdered by some of the teenagers who came into their house for a robbery. He lost his mother in this accident.

When Rush was growing, he was not increasing alone. He grew up with depression, and the result of the depression that he was diagnosed with a syndrome named Guillain-Barre syndrome. When he becomes a young, he married a beautiful girl named Beverly Jackson on September 20, 1986. They gave birth to a baby girl, and they called her Kristian rush, and when their daughter was getting married, she gave birth to a baby and named her Kaiden, and Rickie became the grandfather of Kaiden.

Pastor Rickie Rush Net Worth

Rickie Rush Net Worth Net worth & Church Work

After completing his graduation from the University of Texas at Arlington, he became a teacher and spent seven years as a Skyline High school teacher, which was located in Dallas. In school, he is the teacher of theatre arts and teaches these subjects to the secondary students.

He was also the senior pastor of the Inspiring Body of Christ church in 1990.
Since 2013 he has been the founder of the University of dreams in Texas. He has also published two books that many readers liked The pendulum: Come out swinging through the difficult times and May I have your order, please? These were the two books that were published by him.

He was also very much passionate about the music. He also wrote many of the drama plays too. The church in which he is the senior pastor now grew up in a massive family of 15 members. He was a start-up member, and now there is an addition of 15 and many more to come.

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He has also created a campaign named Making a difference(MAD). This campaign is about pushing the community towards the messages of being a helping hand for others and help others so that you feel good they with you little efforts, and you can change someone’s lives. He also talks about the teenager’s suicide cases that parents will force students for education.

He also raised his voice about family support and knowledge with the help of the MAD Campaign. He and his team were able to help many of the peoples and change their lives. If our little efforts will help someone and put a smile on someone’s face, what are you waiting for? Come forward and help those who are needy. Help others, and gold will help you in unexpected ways.

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