Not Your Toy You Stupid Boy Music & Lyrics Info

Not Your Toy You Stupid Boy

Not Your Toy You Stupid Boy is a song which was recorded by the Israeli singer Netta and this track was written by Doron Medalie and Stav Beger and it was also produced by Begar. He released the song on 11 March 2018 with video clips as well and the video clip was directed by the Keren Hochma and it was released online one day ago before the date of release. This song is an English song. This song is loved by the audience very much and this song becomes the most-watched video on the YouTube channel on 27 May 2018 when the Eurovision song contests held.

Not Your Toy You Stupid Boy
Not Your Toy You Stupid Boy

Lyrics edition

All lyrics are mostly on English but there is some exception also which is of Hebrew Phase and also a slang word called stefa means a pile of the banknotes and there is also a Japanese word which is called baka and it’s meaning is stupid and there is one famous character named as Pikachu is also used in Not Your Toy You Stupid Boy once and there is a wording also which is like “Trum-pam-pau” and this refers to the president of the US which is Donald Trump.

Critical Reception Edit

Not Your Toy You Stupid Boy song was rewarded by Charlotte Runcie and he gave the rating five out of five to this song and also said that this song has playful lyrics which is loved by the audience very much and the vocal performance of this song is also very powerful.

There are so many allegations made on the Netta due to the performance of this song because she uses Japanese culture imaginary as a “prop” and she also used kimono and buns and in the performance, she featured the “Maneki-nekos” which is a Japanese symbol of luck but Netta instead of thinking about these allegations because she has stated in her past interviews that is he is a follower of the popular Japanese Pokemon Franchise.

On 3rd July 2018, a guy from Israeli Infotainer and he reported that the universal Music group file claiming against the rhythm of “toy” and he said that there are similarities in Not Your Toy You Stupid Boy song rhythm and harmony with the song of “The white stripes” which is “Seven Nation Army“.

After that universal will send a notice letter to the songwriters of “toy” and claim them about copyright infringement. In February 2019 the composer of Israeli agreed that gave the credit of writing to the Jack white so that he also gets a share in this song’s royalty and both the writer of the “toy” song also agreed to it.

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