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Not Rejected Just Unwanted Read Online

A girl writes this story, and she tells that:

Once upon a time in the land away from the earth, I am just joking there is no story of a princess here or no fairy tale. I am not a beautiful princess who got married to a handsome, dashing prince and lives happily with each other. These things only happen in fairy tales. My story is that I am a girl who is alone, and I am dreaming and finding a soulmate for me. Today is my birthday, and I turn 17, and this day gave me a present and completed my dream about finding a soulmate.

When a wolf is becoming 17 years old when she finds it’s a perfect soulmate for her.
When I wake up in the morning, the time is 5:30, and I quickly wake up getting ready for my school. Then I go for brushing my teeth, and then I brush my dark brown hairs, and then some mascara on my eyelashes. Once done with all this, I go to my wardrobe to dress for my day. When I select my dress, I choose a pair of black jeans and a grey woolen sweater because it is winter time and December.

Yes, I was born in the month of the Christmas festival, and some people call me Christmas baby, but I know that this Christmas will be worst for me than the previous ones. When I entirely dressed up, I take up my leather jacket and my long boots and snowfall choker too, and there was a ring also which a wolf ring was.

Not Rejected Just Unwanted Read Online
Not Rejected Just Unwanted Read Online

This is going perfectly with my attire, so I take it as well. When my dress up completed, I stand in front of the mirror to check is anything missing or imperfect, but everything is perfect then I’ll go downstairs in my kitchen and take a banana, and then I see a note on the refrigerator and in a note: Raine,

Raine, I have to go early because I have to do other work before going to the office, and I don’t even know that I’ll come to dinner or I’ll be late, so please make dinner for yourself.

Her dad wrote this note, and then I finished my banana, went out of the house, started my black truck, and went to school.

When I reached school, I was parked my black truck in the school’s parking, and I was very excited and nervous as well to find my Mr. Perfect soulmate, but at the same time, I was tensed and worried too because my wolf has a sense that something is going to happen and which is not suitable for her. Then remove this thought from my mind, I pick up my headphones and start listening to music to divert my mind from worries. Then I fell a little bit calm, and I take a long deep breath and then taking my school bag and go to the front of the doors.

I am very nervous, and I feel that I have to go back home. Still, at the same time, I’m curious to know about who is mine soulmate, so I neglected my instincts of something that went wrong. I do inside the school and when I enter, feel the pleasant smell of a fantastic scent that attracts me more, and I haven’t smelled this kind of fragrance ever. Then I thought to follow the fragrance, and it was coming from the other side of our school. Thank god today I came up early to the school and then moved behind the fragrance and just corner left, and yes, I see him. He is Elijah Woods; then, I continue to step forward towards him calmly because I don’t want, then he is going to be angry with me. Then I see that he is talking to his girlfriend and saying goodbye to her.

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They both are in a relationship from the past three years. Everyone in the school knows their relationship, but they didn’t accept and deny their relationship publicly. His girlfriend is so beautiful; she has long blonde hair, and her eyes color is also green, which can quickly attract anyone. When somebody asks them about their relationship, then just sweetly answer that they love each other a lot.

I was waiting for them with my eyes. I tried to find from where the fragrance then I feel that somebody hold my hand then I don’t know how to react my breath got stuck in my throat. I feel that my soulmate holds me, and then I open my eyes, and I don’t even know that maybe Elijah woods is my perfect mate and one thing I see in his eyes, and I didn’t even expect it from him that he feels pity.

Then he gave me an sign before taking out his hand from me to came behind me, and then I walked behind him by heading down my head due to shyness, and he said that I want to talk to you. We both need a conversation to clear out all the mess. Then he said, come with me. I want to talk to you, and then I go behind him. Then he asked me what your name is?”

He asked it before some time, and then I replied, “Raine, Raine Andrews,” and I kept my head down and continuously looking my feet because of my feeling very nervous and shy there. Then he sweetly with an expression of pity in his eyes, said, that Raine, please look at me, and I feel very nervous and excited and getting ready myself for hearing what he wants to say to me. Then I slowly take my eyes on him, and then he started looking me for some time.
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