My Husband Hides His Beauty Novel Chapter 1 – 2 Download From (Spoilers, Manhwa & Mangadex)

My Husband Hides His Beauty Novel

My Husband Hides His Beauty Novel and the author of this novel is Jeongyeon. The language of this is Korean. It is published in the year 2019. It is a kind of web novel. Its rating is approximate 3.8/5.0. This novel has a total of eight chapters in it. Now we are describing the story of the first chapter. We provide a summary of the 1st chapter of My Husband Hides His Beauty Novel book. There are a total of eight chapters in it for reading about more chapters you can visit on our website and download the pdf from there.

There is someone who is talking about that they heard that the monster lord was coming to the ball this year. Is it true?

My Husband Hides His Beauty Novel
My Husband Hides His Beauty Novel

There are so many rumors like these are spreading at that time and they said that the lord minister pointed towards one person and he is the owner of Northern Halstead Castle it is that place where demons are revolved around everywhere. Lord was not able to interact with the other people’s so he thinks that how he should interact with other peoples because he wants that important information which is helpful and necessary for him to hunt the demons so he decides that he attend the ball so where is able to interact with others.

Said that “The face which is hidden behind the mask is very ugly even the ugly demons will also be afraid if they see that face“.

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Halstead’s lord monster

The ugly face of Halstead’s lord monster already becomes a chattering topic for everyone but people also think about the lord’s wife as well. People are now also paid more attention towards his wife and they are just talking that the lady is so poor because at a very young age she had to marry and the worst thing is that the poor lady married to a monster and it is all on the behalf of her older cousins and this lady also doesn’t have any property also they don’t know either she the collect the property by seizing the demons or not and apart from all this she is also very beautiful her beauty is difficult to describe in words.

Ugly faced monsters

People think that she with the ugly faced monsters and they talk about seducing her and said getting her into a trap isn’t very much difficult. The nobleman is still talking about it and one of them named count baldane he is very handsome and his dashing personality and good looking fave is the only reason why he is enjoying his life very much as compared to others and his visual are the reason behind his confidence also.

When the day of the ball comes count balande talk with a servant and gave him some money and said him to act like he doesn’t know I and we met with coincidence and the servant is ready to do that act because he is experienced in this field. So count baldane was looking for a moment to talk with the lady and in the middle of a classic style rose garden he acts to talk naturally with the women with the pleasant voice in a natural manner like “Oh! Hello? 

Each and every lady is attracted by seeing how handsome count baldane is but this time it happens?

Lord’s wife stares the count baldane

No, it not happens the lord’s wife stares the count baldane with his green eyes and then ignores him. Even when he is talking about this and that she didn’t have any interest in his any talks and by this, it looks that she has no emotions towards what he said to her. Then by seeing this behavior of the lord’s wife he can’t able to control and then he starts shouting and he said that when I am talking to you why are you constantly looking here and there and ignores me?

Then she isn’t shocked about his reaction but she calmly answers that I am sorry but you are too ugly and by hearing this count baldane isn’t able to trust his ears like what he hears? He said excuse me to the lord’s wife and then said by only looking at my husband’s face every time I have higher standards now that’s why you are ugly for me after saying all this then she turned around and then she walked away from that place and count Haldane is in shock.

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