Media Bias Chart 2020 Pdf Free Download & Read Online

Media Bias Chart 2020 Pdf

Media Bias Chart 2020 Pdf that represents the data that displays the updated news, articles, and also updated about the source which works to generate these details with the help of the analyst which analyses the report and also with staff off Ad Fontes Media. This Interactive Media Bias chart represents our all updated ratings and reflects the information about our rated articles also.

What is Ad Fontes Media?

The mission of our company is to add new consumers and increase our family when news consumers are better so news media is also getting better.

you all know that now people think that the media only spread rumors because many of the journalists spread fake news also so due to some of that persona the other honest and dedicated person also getting down. The fake news is all like the bad and junk news and as junk food badly affects our health same is done from the junk news it will badly affect the massive health epidemic in our country which is not good for anyone. We as a journalist also suffers due to this.

So we take a challenge that we work hard to change the mentality of our personality from the citizen’s minds. This a big problem so a single person will not able to solve it or clear it the solution to this problem is only that all the journalists have to participate in this challenge so we all are working hard to get our honest personality back.

Media Bias Chart 2020 Pdf
Media Bias Chart 2020 Pdf

With the help of our Media Bias Chart 2020 Pdf, people can understand the fake and the truth one we ranked according to the content in the news and we represent these ranks in a very simple manner so every citizen is easily able to understand it without any difficulty.

The challenge which we have accepted to promote honest new content and in this challenge we provide solutions for :

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1. Citizens: 

This will help the citizen to make a comparison between the true news and the fake news after looking into the Media Bias Chart 2020 Pdf they are easily able to understand and make good choices.

We have many of the resources with us which help us in making this rating chart. When they get new they analyze it with our experts and then and only then do we go for the rating procedure because we don’t want to lose trust due to any fake news or ratings. The analysis of the news is done with the help of the rigorous, non- partisan methodology and this will help us ranking news content based on its reliability. Media Bias Chart 2020 Pdf will help our citizens to navigate about the ratings of all the media content. The aim of this company is to add new clients and enhance the family.

2. Educators:

Media Bias Chart 2020 Pdf is always very helpful for educators as well. Because our rating will help to tell the news literacy to young children.

Students are the growing child and this is the stage for them to learn about the critical thinking skills so that they can make difference between the new sources or to distinguish them which is true or which is fake between all so our ratings will help those educators as well to go with the truth. We have a platform that helps to teach students about how to rank the new news content and articles like we are doing at the Ad Fontes and this platform is named as Content

Analysis Rating Tool (CART).

In this platform, there are proper lesson plans. Corresponding training is also present in this course and assignment sessions are also there once in a year these are all necessary to prepare the students to become good and honest analysts.

3. Brands:

Media Bias Chart 2020 Pdf is always very useful and important for the brands as well. So that brands will know about the good journalist and choose the best to support their brand and stay safe from being junk news.

We Ad Fontes Media help the brands so that they become safe from being the victim of fake junk news and support them towards good journalism.

These three are the main ones which are affected due to the junk news spread by some of the journalists.

We work hard so that our consumers will never lose trust in us and we always add the ratings after the complete analysis of the content by our expert team because we don’t want to raise the questions on us about any fake news.

Our Ad Fontes Media has formed 6 years ago in 2014 and the founder of this organization is Vanessa Otero. The official website of this organization is 

As you all know nowadays the media is working from two different scales: 1. Political bias 2.Reliability these are the two scales and this is the end due to which now people think about many times before trusting any news content.

So we try our level best to provide accurate and genuine ratings to you for the news content. Our main motive behind this challenge is that we don’t want to down the name of journalism because many of the children’s who dreamt of becoming a journalist what they learn from it so we want the citizen to read genuine news contents and articles on the bases of their genuine ratings by Ad Fontes Media.

We are adding some of the skills too which is useful in improving journalism skills: 

  1. Work on those things in which you feel you are weak.
  2. Try to take the interview this will enhance your skills and make you more confident.
  3. Pay attention towards how to talk when you are framing in a video make sure that your image and your voice is clear 
  4. When you are studying journalism you learn that don’t hesitate and feel free to ask these kinds of questions,”where do you spend your time? etc.
  5. Review your work once again before submitting it.

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