Maharashtra Unlock 4.0 Guidelines PDF Read Online Or Download

Maharashtra Unlock 4.0 Guidelines PDF

Maharashtra Unlock 4.0 Guidelines PDF – As you all are aware of the pandemic due to which a few months ago whole India was in complete lockdown and which was left a bad effect on the economy as well but now the government and doctors tell that lockdown is not a solution to save yourself from Covid-19. Citizen have to take precautions and be self-independent as well so due to this reason government starts the process of unlocking and now there are new guidelines generated for Maharashtra Unlock 4.0 Guidelines PDF let us know about what kind of guidelines these are:

Maharashtra Unlock 4.0 Guidelines PDF
Maharashtra Unlock 4.0 Guidelines PDF

Unlock guidelines of Unlock 4.0

1. Metro trains are ready to run again

In Maharashtra Unlock 4.0 Guidelines PDF, 4.0 Government has permitted metro trains to run in whole India from the 7th, September 2020. This is a great relief for the metro areas citizen because people were suffered a lot due to not having any conveyance for going for the workplaces so this news will give relief to most of the employees and other citizens but yes the rules and regulations of the metro are also different from earlier because it is the most crowded earlier but now people have to follow the rules and regulations properly any illegal behaviour will not be accepted. Passengers have to make sure that they cover their nose and mouth with a mask and avoid touching areas everywhere. You can get all details in Maharashtra Unlock 4.0 Guidelines PDF

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2. Various kinds of functions have permission for the gathering

In this, the functions like academic, political, sports, religious, entertainment, and cultural also government have permitted that these functions can be held but only with approximately gathering of 100 peoples not more than that. This permission will start from 21st September.

3. Opening theatres

 Now there is no permission granted for opening the cinema halls. But the government has permitted the starting the process of making open-air theatres which is also from the 21st of September.

4. Education

The government has stated that schools and colleges remain shutting till the end of September and give permission to schools that they can only have permission to call only 50%of the staff for online teaching procedures. The secondary classes’ students from 9 to 10th can visit schools if they are having any doubt regarding studies.

Services which are still prohibited are these: 

1. Opening of cinema halls.

2. swimming pool opening

3. Park for entertainment remains closed.

4. All the high crowded places also don’t have permission to open completely due to the risk of Covid-19.

The previous unlock guidelines have mentioned that peoples attend the marriage functions are not more than 50 or people go for anyone funeral is only limited to 20 but these can both these have the permission to gather 100 members together from 21st September but till 20th September 50 people in marriage and 20 in funeral this will be the same because the permission for religious and entertainment gathering with 100 people is allowed after the 20th, September 2020.

One important guideline is that there is no permission given by the government for weekly lockdown so there will be no weekly lockdown in any part of India outside the zones which are containment zones without the permission of the centers.

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