Love To Hate Me Blackpink Song Review

Love To Hate Me Blackpink Song Review

These solid lines are from the famous song Love To Hate Me of BLACKPINK that was released a few days ago on October 02, 2020. And since then this song has already created a sensation worldwide. The youngsters have positively taken this song, and it is gaining its momentum. Well, you all know who BLACKPINK is right? BLACKPINK came into existence in the year 2016 and is a South Korean girl group with Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa as the lead artists. This group is considered the most popular girl gang band in the globe. This group, formed in 2016 has a large no of teenage fan following and continues to amaze and gain appreciation from followers around the world.

In the year 2020, BlackPink released its single “Ice Cream”, and since then they have been trending at the top13 of the Billboard Hot 100. BlackPink is also the first female group that has been successful in reaching the top 100 of Billboard Magazine. Over the years, Blackpink has been continuously giving hits and continuing to do so. Their single, “How You Like That” is the first Korean song that has managed to get a certification from Pro-Música Brasil. Blackpink, since its origin in 2020 has managed to break numerous records online.

Love To Hate Me Blackpink


Since its origin, apart from music, Blackpink has been continuously influencing teenage girls in terms of fashion too. Teenagers overall adore the four stars Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rose, and try to imitate their style. The four stars have also served as ambassadors for various brands. In all the performances, all the four stars have their unique touch to their attire that also expresses their personality.


BLACKPINK has won awards that include three People’s Choice Awards. They have also won an MTV Video Music Award, a Teen Choice Award, and many more. Blackpink also has a Guinness World Record for How You Like That.

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Love To Hate Me Review

This is the seventh song from the 2020 album whose title is “The Album”. This song is talking about the envious mass growing around them. The music expresses the sweet and sour relationship that the band shares with the haters.

In verse one, singers Rose and Jennie are singing about a few haters who could digest the continuous success of the group. Apart from haters, these lines could be about some acquaintance too or someone from the same profession. Jennie in these lines expresses that while people are spreading hate for them, they are busy collecting money, love, and fame.

Then comes the pre-chorus, which features Jisoo, Rosé, and Jennie. Here, they talk about how they have less time thinking about the hate and they don’t want such negativity in their lives which their haters are trying to spread.

Then, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa sing the chorus that says that they are not going to put up with or bear these fake fans or people anymore as they have lots t do or they don’t care to waste time expressing themselves.
Then in the second verse, singer Jisoo expresses her lack of time for her haters and treats them as invisible or unheard objects. She believes that the loud cheers of their fans overpower those words of hate for them.

Lisa concludes the last video by saying that she does not need any help in ruining her life for she knows how to treat herself and her life. She believes that all the ill wishes bestowed upon them by their haters won’t work because the prayers of their fans or well-wishers provide them strength and the courage to deal with the hates. Lisa also has a funny line in the song that says that she needs to deal with Cupid as he keeps sending false signals or fake people in her direction. But she won’t be bothered by this hate and will struggle to move forward with her fellow members.

This song has a significant impact and brings positivity to the teenage fans. This song brims with hope, courage, and the determination of not letting any negativity in one’s lives and spreads the message that one should keep moving forward because “You ain’t worth my love if you only love to hate me.”

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