Little Tikes Best ( Reviews – Is Legit Or Scam?

Little Tikes Best

One of the major toy manufacturing companies which is located in the US and headquartered in Hudson, Ohio. The Tikes has always been in conversation for the number of toys that they produce and also for the quality of each one of it. As we are all aware that these days kids want is more and more toys to keep them away from all the gadgets as much as possible. And for this one reason, we as parents keep searching for all the new types and designs of toys for our kids which would suit our price range and at the same time be as entertaining as possible for our kids.

Taking all these points into consideration, Little Tikes Best has come up with the low-tech molded type of plastic toys which will enable our infants to play.

Tom G Murdough who is the establisher of this company named Little Tikes Best have manufactured toys that can be played both indoors and outdoors. The Company has already got 48 years of expertise which makes it a completely trusted brand that we can get for our kids while they sulk at home. Be it the cars or the kitchen set for the kiddos. has got the developmental toys too which help in the early stages of a baby’s growth. Doctors also suggest that the beginning years of any baby are very important and crucial so as to develop their visual, ocular, and also their eyesight. For this reason, when we get them the right toys, it becomes ideal for them as it helps to develop eyes and their way of tracking. That is where Little Tikes comes handy and makes it easier for us to purchase the right toys for the babies.

Also, when it comes to the toddler group, it becomes difficult for them to make a play and take them away from the gadgets world. But if as parents we are able to get them the right toy which can keep them engaged with their siblings and friends, then there is no need for any mobile or tablet to keep these kids have loads of fun.

When we play out, it is like a daily dose of Vitamin D and the best way for kids and elders to explore more of nature.

During these days of the pandemic, I am sure kids when can’t be taken too far from their homes, toys of interest will surely turn even their garden into a faraway destination for these kids, who have gotten bored sitting in homes.

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Let us discuss the top five outdoor and top five indoor best of toys from Little Tikes Best.

  • Turtle Sandbox:

One of the best outdoor toy which comes handy in both summer and cool winter days is the Turtle Sandbox. The Little Tikes has designed it, especially for kids to keep them engaged all day.

  1. Go Green Play House:

We usually buy many toys for our kids, especially playhouses which they love a lot. Keeping this in mind, little have come up with the new concept of a go-green playhouse in which the kids can have fun and play in the garden of their homes. This way the kids are engaged all day and also help their parents to look after the plants and the garden.

  1. Cozy Coupe

Cars and tricycles and any such vehicles are something all kids love to play with. Driving through the house or the garden or through the corridors, everything looks fun and enjoyable.

Cozy Coupe yet another toy for toddlers by Little Tikes is one of the best toys which has been launched and there is a range of these super fun cars. They are so well designed to look real that it has a super horn, wheels that are rugged to 360 degrees, and a detachable floor which makes it really fun for the kids. Toddlers can play this both indoors as well as outdoors. No stop to their ultimate fun.

  1. My first Drone

Yet another addition to the list of the wonderful toys from Little Tikes Best is the “My First Drone” which is fun. Parents and kids have a great time playing this little drone which flies like magic. Built with the auto-hover technology, it helps the drone to remain in the air for a longer time. Easy take-off, land, turn, and stop can be easily done with the help of a remote which comes handy.

  1. Pop ‘n Splash Surprise.

This is a fun game to be played in groups where each player spins the wheel and he or she gets an instruction to fall followed by water launch and high balls making the environment happier.

Now let’s discuss the 5 best indoor Little Tikes Best Toys.

  1. Shop ‘n learn smart checkout

Kids can imitate their mom and dads or the counter lady at the supermarket where they play with the pretend Shop ‘n learn smart checkouts.

  1. The Bake ‘n Share Kitchen

Kids love to imitate their elders and especially their moms who are busy cooking in the kitchen. The Bake ‘n Share Kitchen is an absolute super gift for any such talent for kids which gives them 40+ pieces to play and have fun.

  1. Little Baby Bum Sing Along Piano

Give the wings to your toddler’s singing and music talent with the new Little Baby Bum Sing along Piano which comes with an interactive piano and yes, a real microphone. Your child is a rockstar.

  1. Waffle Blocks

The best is the waffle blocks which helps in easy building and as it comes in a big size, the kids find it easy and so real to play along. There is a large variety of these blocks that come in different shapes and sizes.

  1. The Tobi Robot Smart watch

Designed in two different colors, this smartwatch has got 100 + expressions that keep the kids busy with the dancing, singing, and giggling. The watch also has two cameras which also allow the kids to take pics, selfies, and videos.

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