Karma Sutra Diagrams Pdf Free Download

Kama Sutra diagrams pdf: learn the secrets to conjugal life

Karma Sutra Diagrams Pdf – To reboot your sex life, you must take great care of conjugal life. The conjugal differences create more significant impacts by breaking through the monotony of life. Kama sutra positions help you mix spice in your sex life. You can need to perform better and get back the magic essence in you once your sex life is improved.

Removing all disappointment

The Kama Sutra positions help maintain the trigger in your life removing all sense of disappointment and sorrows. In India, in 400BC Kama Sutra came into existence of the people. It is about the celebration of sex life with much pleasure and entirely original positions.

Central focus of Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra diagrams ‘diagrams’ central focus will let you understand that it is the only pleasure to find you a better option. The lust and joy are right to bring the mix of sex life with super orgasm and release stress and tension in life. If you are newlywed and is looking for the best sex positions to satisfy your partner, make sure not to stray anywhere else but find the best Kama sutra position to treatise your soul and pleasure.

Karma Sutra Diagrams Pdf Free Download

Key to success in sex life

The sex positions and the diagrams might sound bizarre, but they are fully proved and authentic once you learn them or study the benefits with open minds. The key to the success of sex life increases intimacy. Through the download of the Kama sutra diagrams pdf, you will understand the real need of the hour. The various positions are rightly structured and featured through every diagram and step-by-step guide.

Kama sutra in 64 types of acts

As per the diagrams, Kama sutra is available in 64 types, and the sexual acts are one of the best in the collection. Couples using the Kama sutra positions while lovemaking has said they have experienced the sexual act’s good pleasure with no doubt of dissatisfaction in it. The involved muscles, movements of the body, and gentle postures create a better life sphere.

Exchange of sex fluids

To be very real, talking about sex is something bizarre. All the sexual acts require two people engaged in this activity, giving pleasure to each other by touching very smoothly. Both of them are exchanging bodily fluids into each other and relax within the soul. The sex postures let you know that you are entirely satisfied with your partner and want to love him or her in a more sexual manner.

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Varied positions of Kama Sutra

While downloading the Kama sutra diagram pdf, you will be able to find out the best positions that will provide intense pleasure to your partner. Jobs like- plow sex positions, rider sex positions, Amazon Kama sutra position, Frog Kama Sutra position are some of the hot and sexiest postures that are entitled to fantastic and eventual pleasures. These are the right to give you and determine the best satisfaction for both sexes. It is beneficial for both males and females.

Satisfies partner in bed

Remember, the more creativity you project on the bed, the more satisfaction and pleasure both of you will enjoy while having intercourse. Your bodily anatomy is rightly to appear and create communicative feelings with positivity. The diagrams will project all the best and classy structures that are likely to develop the difference in your sex life. If your partner is not cooperative, then sex might be unpleasant and fatiguing.

Fulfills eroticism and emotional needs

It might happen the both you and your partner is confronting unwanted kilos, then you can try out the doggy style, which is perfect for both of you. It will not create any extra pressure, but it will give you the best sexual pleasure overall. The Kama Sutra is a part of Kama Sastra, which arises eroticism and emotional fulfillment in sexes. The Kama sutra diagram pdf is a handy or a manual for sex life. It is nothing, but it works grand upon the art of living.

Uses aphoristic verses

The Kama Sutra is a sutra genre of the text which truly terse various aphoristic verses which act as a manual in the sex life. People who follow the diagrams understand the real pleasure of conjugal life. If you keep on satisfying your partner with different kinds of changes, make sure you do it with much ease. The knowledgeable concepts of the Hindu Purusharthas make up the total Kama sutras. Nothing can manage pleasures with real-life strategies.

Kama Sutra in 3rd and 4th century CE

The original composition of the Kama Sutra is not known to anyone. It happened somewhere around the 400BCE and 300BCE. The text and the sutras have no mention of the Gupta Empire, so, indeed, it was not discovered in that era. Thus it can be made out that things happened somewhere after that. The text had mentioned the dynasties like Andras and the Abhiras; therefore, it is clear that Kama Sutra was scheduled in the 4th and half of 3rd century CE.

Diagrams celebrate adultery

The majority of the book maintains the laws of sexual pleasures. The diagrams celebrate the sense of adultery and how sexual relationships can be managed. This also talks about the theory of love and lovemaking. The comprehensive sex guide imparts knowledge to all other individuals since the right ages. He diagrams teach and help understand the magic of good sex with the mind-blowing structures. The specific lists of Kama sutra sex positions are widely discussed in the book.


The pleasure-oriented faculties of human life are related to sex positions discussed in the book: the Kama related reliefs and the sculptures in old Hindu temples. The temples in North India depict the features illustrating the right gestures. This book of Kama Sutra, runs proudly in many countries. It talks about the revised and collaborative measures and features which are fantastic for people’speople’s sex lives.

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