Horizon Zero Dawn Crashing PC? Check System Requirement & Fix It

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Review

Horizon Zero Dawn PC – Action Role-playing games are always ruling the gaming world and one such game is “Horizon Zero Dawn.” Guerrilla Games developed this game while Sony Interactive Entertainment published it. The role-playing game is famous for its story, characterization, voice, weapons, etc. This adventurous game was launched for PlayStation 4 in 2017 and started a journey where countless players joined them.

The growing demand and popularity made developers come up with the PC version so that one who does not have PS4 can also enjoy it. It was quite hard, but final developers came up with the horizon zero dawn PC. It would allow everyone to explore the new world and enjoy playing the RPG game.

What is Horizon Zero Dawn?

Horizon Zero Dawn PC
Horizon Zero Dawn PC

Horizon Zero Dawn Pc is a role-playing action game where Aloy is the protagonist. Aloy is a hunter who is living in the stone age. Here players can explore a different and open-world which itself is quite mesmerizing. Aloy will be fighting against robots who are giant and challenging to defeat. Players will travel around the world in the game and see what will be there in the future.

The game has various missions, quests that are to be completed by players. It is tough to defeat these massive animals and so players have to gather hunting equipment that is scattered on the map. Players would be playing the role of protagonist in tea gem who will also be seen form9ng tribe to bring positive change in the world. The thrilling battles against robots will show skills and make the game more exciting.

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What would be Horizon Zero Dawn PC Release Time?

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Release Time

Gamers looking for horizon zero dawn PC release time get ready to start the journey against machines. The complete edition of the game can be accessed by players from “August 7,” where time varies based on continents. IT was released at 8 am in Pacific time,11 am at Eastern countries, and 4 pm in British Time.

It includes the base game along with Frozen vast expansion. The game is not available for more comprehensive players as everyone who has PC will be able to play this game. A mouse and keyboard support the complete edition of the game and make it very smooth as playing on PS4. Some minimum specifications must be fulfilled to enjoy the game to its best.  

  • Storage space must be 100GB
  • Minimum RAM must be 8GB, but for complete edition, it must be 16GB
  • The PC must have Windows 10 installed in it.
  • For the complete edition of Horizon Zero dawn, GPU must be NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB.
  • The PC must have Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD FX 6300 or Intel Core i7-4770K or Ryzen 5 1500X CPU to run the game.

How to buy Horizon Zero Dawn complete edition for PC?

Gamers were eagerly waiting for the launch of Horizon Zero dawn on PC would be very happy to know that it was being released last week. Players who fulfill the specifications would be able to get the game for their PC to start the beautiful journey.

The complete edition of the game can be purchased from Steam and also from the Epic Games store. But make sure that laptop or PC fulfills the above mentioned operating system and components required to run the game. The price of Horizon Zero dawn PC is $49.99.

Why horizon zero dawn PC crashes?

horizon zero dawn PC crash

As soon as the game was released for PC, many gamers eagerly waiting for the game got the complete edition version form the date of the release itself. Developers can find reviews of people on various platforms. For many players, the game is working as a pro, but some complained about horizon zero dawn PC crash.

The game’s technical issue has made players frustrated, and they have updated it on the various social media platforms. Developers have considered all such reports and are working to resolve the technical issue to play it with equal joy and fun. Guerrilla Games have appreciated players for reporting problems and are working to bring a solution.

What is the horizon zero dawn PC patch?

horizon zero dawn PC patch

Horizon Zero Dawn is now available for PC and players to have started playing it. But the performance was not as expected for some players because of crashes. It has disappointed many gamers, but don’t worry as developers are gain in action. They are about to release horizon zero dawn PC patch to fix all crashing issues and solve performance issues.

Players have reported their problems, which shows that installing a complete edition make it crashed down. The reports have helped developers work on the issue and are planning to release the first patch for PC. It would resolve the PC port issue and thus will come up with the required result. The date for horizon zero dawn PC patch is not yet released, but developers make sure that it would be available very soon.

Are Horizon Zero Dawn PC mods supported?

Players are looking to find whether the game supports PC mods or not. Having mods can improve the graphics and gameplay, which would make it more exciting. In the future, PC mods would be in high demand as it would allow players to customize characters and use custom skins. Developers have made it clear that the game does not support Mods natively.

But some dedicated players would surely come up with the PC mods for the game. If you, too, are looking for it keen an eye third-party modding sites. It would make the game more entertaining and exciting, but players have to wait for it.


Horizon Zero Dawn PC has given an option for players to have fun playing this PS$ game on their PC. One who has heard about this game but could not play it due to a lack of resources can explore this beautiful world. The complete gameplay, along with graphics and sound, has made it the best role-playing game. If you are one of them who wishes to play the game, just make sure that your system fulfilsspecifications. Please don’t waste time and get the PC version of the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

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