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Haraka 2021

Today people are always looking for a flexible option for their commercial purpose. SMPT server is quite popular as it helps in setting up communication between two servers. This server does not send message directly from source address to destination address but goes for complete processing. Once the client clicks on the “send” button, it gets converted into string codes and transferred to the SMTP server. Here, the server checks whether the destination email is correct or not and so again decode the message and sent to the receiver.

SMTP is used mostly for commercial purposes, but today people have their requirement and needs. Email functionality is a must while working with any commercial or application site. So, to do with it, we mostly use to pay some other service provider to maintain our email system, or in many cases, people try to set up their server. But setting up SMTP by themselves is not an easy task as it needs to understand about configuration and skills. So, both solution is not feasible for an enterprise or community site.

So, they need to have flexible SMTP server where customers can change the behaviour of the server. One such modern and highly flexible SMTP server is “Haraka”. This SMTP server is high in demand and mostly used to redirect traffic to sites.

Haraka 2021

What is Haraka?

Haraka is one such SMPT server that is written in Noe.js and is very flexible. The best part is Haraka is based on the modular plugin architecture, which is based on JavaScript. This SMTP server uses Node.js and JavaScript to give fast and reliable mail service to sites. So, the developer can write plugins and make this SMTP customized based on their needs. Developers who can work with JavaScript and write plugin can get the best service by Haraka.

It is relatively easy for anyone to set up and configure Haraka for their sites. The easy processing and installing is also one of the reasons why people prefer Haraka as compared to any other SMTP servers. Haraka is being used by some of the big-name like craigslist, Cludron, Temp Mil and many other. It shows the massive scale users of Haraka in the world.

It can serve more than 1000 connection at a single time and able to deliver 1000 mails every second. The speed offered by Haraka has made people go for this mail server service.

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How to install Haraka?

Before starting the process Haraka, you need to have npm and node.js installed in your system. If you have installed it now it’s time to install Haraka by the following command:

npm install -g Haraka

  • Here -g indicates it is for global Haraka installation. If you are installing Haraka on Unix-based system, it is essential to have root privileges.
  • Next, it’s time to create a configuration, and the below command can do it:

haraka -i /path/to/haraka_test

  • It will help to create the directory with name haraka_test, and this directory will have all the required configurations that require to run haraka.
  • Haraka needs root permission which can be given by the following command:

haraka -c /path/to/haraka_test

  • Now its user to decide which plugin they want to change or edit. So, for that, you can run and edit it by:

haraka -h plugins/$name

  • Lastly, after making changes in plugin restart Haraka to get all the changes.

Why must Haraka be preferred?

Many SMTP servers in the market give the flexible option for setting up mail connection, but still many people are opting or Haraka. One of the main reason to opt for This SMPT server is the plugin architecture that gives the flexibility to write a plugin and integrate with the current system. So, if one wishes to have some new feature in their emails server, there is no need to worry as writing plugin will make it easy to integrate with the SMTP server.

The Haraka SMTP server already comes with many plugins that consist of spam protection, dkim_sign, filtering MTA and much more. It does not work as mail store itself nor is an IMAP server but is used by the system that offers such service. 

Haraka is mostly considered for the inbound mail server, but currently, developers are also working for outbound services. 

Many new features would be added to Haraka in 201 that will manage both inbound and outbound and thus help people to manage mails with ease. So, if you too are looking for some modern and highly reliable SMTP server for your site Haraka must be considered. The flexible option to add new features through the plugin makes it the best in the competition.

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