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What Is Excise Services Mahaonline?

Excise Services Mahaonline is launched by the government of Maharashtra and the services in this given by the Maharashtra State Excise department. This portal is for the facilities of citizens so that they can easily use all online services by the medium of this portal.

In this portal (https //excise services.mahaonline.gov.in) there are some laws relating to liquor, intoxicant, and state excise duty also and these all are launched by the department of excise in this state from June 1949.

In this mahaonline services people can use the services of this which is related to the different types of licenses such as a license for sale purpose, license for trading, license for temporary function, and other types of making the liquor and the raw materials of it also and many more. With the help of this you also track the status of your application online and you also take your license online.

This online portal is developed by the Government of Maharashtra so that people get all the services under a single roof so they don’t have to face problems by going here and there. Services by this portal department were renamed as State Excise Department in October  1990.

Excise Services Mahaonline

List of services provided by them :

Service For Citizens:

  • Registration of house or building.
  • Service of temporary one-day function license.
  • Service of one year and lifelong permission for the purchase, transport, and consumption of country liquor and foreign liquor both in the Maharashtra state.
  • One day permission for the purchase, use, possession, and transport of the liquor of the country.
  • One day permission for the foreign liquor use, transport, and possession in the state of Maharashtra.

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Wholesale services:

  • the license of trade and import for removal from a custom frontier and for importing of wine by wholesale. So you get the license for the wholesale wine.
  • You also get the license for selling country liquor in wholesale from this portal.
  • You also get a license for the selling of foreign liquor online via this portal.

Retailer services :

  • You also fill the form of getting a license for sale at a hotel of imported the foreign liquors and the Indian made foreign liquors also but on this excise duty has been paid at special rates.
  • You also avail the license for selling imported foreign liquors in clubs and also portable Indian liquors on which excise duty has been paid at special rates.
  • License for sale of beer and wine both in the sealed bottles for the off consumption.
  • License for the sale of mild liquors or wines both in “on” and “off” the premises of the restaurant, club, canteen, and hotel also.

Required documents:

  • Proof of identity: Applicant photo and Applications Signature also.
  • Proof of Address: (Anyone)
    • PAN Card
    • Passport
    • Aadhar Card
    • Rent Receipt
    • Telephone Bill
    • Driving Licence
    • Electricity Bill
    • Election/Voters ID
    • Property Tax Paid Receipt
Required documents

How to get online liquor permit in Maharashtra:

  • As you all are aware with the information that the service of home delivery is now permitted in Maharashtra from May 16,2020. If you want to avail the benefit of this service then keep your required documents ready which mentioned above it is same and after submitting these documents then you have to fill selected following blanks like:
  • Select Home department
  • Select Sub department

fill these all details and after this you have to submit your documents and make payment there are also different modes of making you payment via your debit card/Credit,Paytm and other modes also.

You can also apply for the permission for the one year and lifetime liquor permit also.

Benefits of this Online Service Portal:

  • Now with the help of this, you can avail of the quickest delivery of public services.
  • You can get your products at your doorstep; you don’t have to stand and wait in long queues.
  • It is a single-window across services from departments.
  • Avail the benefits of easy payment also.

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