Epstein Island Flight Logs Pdf Free Download Or Read Online

Epstein Island Flight Logs Pdf

The release of taaki unhe show kar had created a sensation as it includes names of mainly famous personalities. Jeffrey Epstein is no more, but still, allegations and charges against other people who were involved with him in sex trafficking are coming out. Lolita Express, a private jet, was used to take people and sex victims to his private Island where sex parties were organized. The release of Epstein Island Flight Logs Pdf also revealed many secrets and names of some famous personalities.

Epstein Island Flight Logs Pdf

Who was Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein is an American financier who is quiet in the news for a long time. Many might have heard about his name as he is also convicted as a Sex offender. He acquires women and sexually abuse them along with his other social contacts. Jeffrey abused women that even included underage girls, which was why he was convicted by Florida State court in 2008. But he got released after 13 months’ custody.

Jeffrey again came into the news, but this time he was charged for sex trafficking of minors in New York and Florida. Jeffrey was arrested on 6th July 2019 for the same charges, and in August 2019, he had committed suicide. With his death, many other names were also known for working with him and running sex trafficking. 

Again, in 2020, news got in focus, and this time, Ghislaine Maxwell got arrested in July 2020. Maxwell was associate with Epstein, who was involved in grooming victims and even sexually abused them. Still, the case is trying hard to get the complete Epstein Island Flight Logs Pdf that include name seen of famous personalities if not closed and the public prosecutor is working hard to get the full flight logs.

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How Epstein organized human trafficking?

Epstein was arrested in 2019 for sex trafficking on minors, but it brought a new wave of fear for many famous people in New York. Epstein brings underage victims who are merely 12 or 14 and sexually abuse them. It was not limited to it, but Epstein and his friends raped these girls just for fun. HE assaulted minors at his Manhattan mansion and palm beach estate. He even takes underage girls from his place to the private Island named “Orgy Island.”

Epstein flew with friends and girls to the Island where girls were asked to do massage and get assaulted with sex toys. He owns private planes used for sex trafficking, and no one can imagine, but his aircraft logged nearly 600h hours of fleet time. His aircraft not only include victims but some popular names who were lasso indulged in these sins.

What is Lolita Express?

Gulfstream jets were very famous among millionaires at that time, and Epstein was not behind it. But he brought something bigger and unimaginable. Epstein owns a private helicopter along with Cessna 421, which he used for his evil deeds.

But what came into the limelight is Boeing 727-200, a passenger jet with a capacity of 200 seating that also includes Bloomberg terminal. This private placement was designed with all luxurious and was used for his purpose and sex trafficking.

This private jet was known as ‘Lolita Express,’ and it got this name as with the arrival of planes, many Unger aged women also arrive with it. This jet was something that we cannot imagine sex parties were conducted inside this place by Epstein and his social contacts. Many names are associated who participated in sex parties along with Epstein.

Many of these contacts were also charged by the court and even released on bail after some years. Al came to limelight when a 12-year old girl was sexually assaulted and undergone repeated sex.

Lolita Express includes many famous politicians and celebrities that came out with the release of Epstein Island Flight Logs Pdf and Gawker’s Black Book. These planes were also used to carry victims among social contacts to his private Island.

What’s Epstein’s flight logs?

Gawker released Epstein’s black book in 2015 after he was proved guilty by the Florida government. This book bought light to many factors that were still unveiled. Epstein Island Flight Logs Pdf consist of names of all the famous personalities that were involved with Jeffrey Epstein. The list includes eminent personalities like Jimmy Buffet Courtney, Donald trump, Eva Dublin, Bill Clinton and many more.

Prosecutors are fighting hard so that victims who have gone through a sexual assault by Jeffrey and his friends can get justice. These famous personalities’ names are present in the Black Book released by Gawker. Many of these personalities have traveled multiple times to Epstein Island and were also part of a sex crime.

One of the pilots has revealed the name of all these famous personalities, so flight logs were checked. The Gawker Black Book also has information showing how Epstein used his money and power to commit such sex crimes. It shows how the girls were used for abusing and were asked to give paid massages. As Epstein took girls to the Island there was no way for them to escape and thus were forced to sex with Jeffrey and his social contacts.

How to get flight logs for Epstein Island?

Epstein island flight logs pdf is available at https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1507315-epstein-flight-manifests.html. It contains names of people who travel to the private Island of Epstein. It has other details like place of arrival, departure, flight number, etc.

The worst part is that even though everyone knows the names present in the flight and Epstein, some names are still missing. These flight logs were current in front of the court, but it is still incomplete. This flight logs don’t have the name of all the people who were part of the scandal, and it is all to protect them.

A documentary was released on Netflix named “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” focused on his personal life and crime. This documentary also shows survivors of sex victims and how they were abused. Everyone is looking out for justice for all the minor girls that were sexually abused by Jeffrey and his social contacts.

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