Ending For Can Cup Or Pay Crossword Clue (Puzzle)

Ending For Can Cup Or Pay

Ending For Can Cup Or Pay is a rectangular grid consisting of black and white shaded squares. To solve a crossword puzzle the white squares need to be filled with letters to form a word. These words are derived based upon clues which accompany the puzzle. The answers derived from the clues are formed on white squares both vertically and horizontally. The ending for cup or pay is one such crossword puzzle. The Possible answer to it is OLA.

The invention of crossword is credited to an American inventor named Arthur Wynne in the year 1924. Arthur Waynne was inspired by an ancient game called Sator Square which was invented by Latins. He initially called it Word-Cross which was later changed to crossword. This game caught the fancy of people all over the world and became extremely popular.

Ending For Can Cup Or Pay
Ending For Can Cup Or Pay

There are different kinds of grids in crossword. An American style grid is typically 15 by 15 in size and has 180 degree or 90 degree rotational symmetry. The British style grid is more or less the same as American grid. Barred grid is popular variant of traditional crossword and uses bold lines in place of shaded squares

Crossword is an exciting fun activity which can help to improve vocabulary and knowledge. It is very helpful in present times when access to outdoor activities is very limited. Clues are an important aspect in solving the Ending For Can Cup Or Pay. It is very important to understand crossword clues which are sometimes cryptic and need some deep thinking to solve. The Straight clues can sometimes be synonyms.

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Indirect clues have abstract meaning and involve word play. There are sometimes clues within a clue. The clue can be the same part of the speech as the answer. If the clue is plural then the answer is also most likely to be plural and the same goes for the verbs too. A thing to be noted is if there is a question mark at the end of the question it is most likely a case of word play. Both horizontal and vertical clues correspond to horizontal and vertical answers.

These horizontal and vertical intersect on many parts of the crossword grid. Sometimes a vertical or horizontal answer can form an alphabet or alphabets of the intersecting vertical answer and vice versa. These intersecting alphabets also give the player a clue.

There are different categories in crosswords like names, events, scientific, poetry, literature etc.

Most of these puzzles are available in newspapers, magazines and on the web.

If one is getting started in solving Ending For Can Cup Or Pay crossword puzzles it is advisable to solve small word blanks and then the bigger ones. When solving crosswords on paper (i.e. newspaper, magazines etc.) it is better to use pencil so that it can be erased if any mistake happens. However when using electronic appliances like PC or smartphone it is easy to use.

In a crossword puzzle there are single word answers and also multi word answers. It is always better to solve a single word answer first so that it is easy.

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