Edu24 Cont Elev (Educational Services With Auto-Generated Tools)

What Is Edu24 Cont Elev?

At Edu24 Cont Elev, we provide educational services that relate to pre-university education institutions namely preschool, primary, middle school, and high school. Our system is a grading system that relies on grades, absences, automated calculus of averages, and so on. We have a separate system for communication with the inspectorate, school, students, teacher, and parents.

Our teaching tool involves didactic materials coupled with home works and management calendar. This way we have automated services so that everything is available under one head. Our website can be accessed via desktop and it also works aptly when opened on mobile. Hence one just needs a smartphone to operate our system.

We also have an application that is easily available on android as well as iOS app stores. The application is free of cost to download and multiple students can have one single account to access. The system shall send notifications so that students never miss a single update. Moreover, the application is fully secured so the data provided by the users shall be safe and secure.

All the communication notification is provided via SMS and email and can also be configured according to the needs of the respective school.

Edu24 Cont Elev

Our features are as follows:

  1. Organised Home-works

Our system has made an auto-generated tool where we send reminders to students so that they do not forget their home-work. The most important feature of it is that the parents can also see the home-works along with the answers. This helps correlating with what the children are doing helps parents keep an eye.

  1. Materials Didactic 

We have a separate platform wherein the materials which the teachers find necessary can be uploaded for students. Teachers can easily access the window and regularly upload required data for the students in one go. Such information can be accessed during live interactive sessions. This way, we have made teachers’ jobs easier.

  1. Real-Time Communication

We provide a communication channel between parents, teachers, and students through direct messages. The messages get delivered on a real-time basis and hence there is no lagging in data provision. This way, we have tried our level best to increase the involvement of students and teachers so that the education provided to them, help them the most via us.

  1. Permanent Feedback

Our system has a panel where the teachers can update the students and their parents with regular feedback. This increased morale and also helps the parents to understand how their child is performing. Parents and teachers can get in touch with each other as and when they find the need.

  1. Online Lectures

Our application helps to provide online lectures without any disturbance as the system we have made is of a high-security level. Teachers can add/edit home-works for each class and students can even submit the same via the application. The teaching material has options such as videos, audio, text, pdf, images, and so on for new and old lessons.

Hence, we take pride to say that our application is one of the best today!

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