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Delhi riots 2020 book: a collection of untold and unshared experiences

Delhi riots 2020 book is another book in the world of revolution which directly blames the Islamic activities for the Delhi Riots. If anyhow you have followed the fracas surrounding of Delhi Riots you will find an untold story of what exactly is the political scenario nationwide and also in Delhi. The book is not only a leafing about all the moments but it argues how the anti-CCA protestors remained sustainable and verifiable. An anti-Muslim act was passed but the real fact is that never was the word Muslim ever used in the amended ACT.

Delhi Riots 2020 Book

Authors of Delhi Riots 2020 Book

The authors of The Delhi Riots 2020 Book were written by three authors namely- Monika Arora, Prerna Malhotra and Sonali Chitalkar. It was reviewed that the title of the book is its original Sin. Delhi Riots happens to be urban warfare between Indian Government engineered by the Muslims who are radical and considered as urban Maoists. This book contains more than a tedious collection of 100 pages. Once you read the reviews of the book you will get to know how significant it is from the political viewpoint.

A tedious collection

Through Delhi Riots 2020 Book authors rightly portrays the wink-wink and the nudges of the Muslim Bigotry. The authors are claiming the backgrounds of the authors undermining the claim of fairness for the objectivity. The author Monika Arora is the real brain-child for the book. She is associated with the BJP Party. Aurora also convenes a body names Group of Academic and Intellectuals upon which the facts and the findings of the book are based.

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Dedicated to the defence of the CCA

The first and foremost pages are dedicated to the defence of the CCA. It consists of about 70-77 pages. The repletion of the book comes with repletion and misinformation, distortions and exaggerations. Throughout Delhi Riots 2020 Book, you will find extremely alleged comments, protesters and other activities on the street. On page 74, you will find, the authors alleged about 4000 protestors who take to the streets raising provocative slogans outside the temple of Shiva with the dispersion of crowd and so on.

Raises voice against the falsity

The Delhi Riots 2020 book raises and volunteers voice against the falsity as well as fabrication against the CCA protestors especially the ones who are Muslims. In the book, It is reported that Jawaharlal Nehru was Muslim by heart and Hindu by ancestral rights only. Thus you can understand that the book does not just leave about riots, it is a full-scale commentary upon the criticizing of the Muslim raj in India and worldwide.  

Publication and authenticity

The Delhi Riots 2020 Book holds great remarks of publication controversy when it was originally published by Bloomsbury India- a book publishing house. This book is a purposely written document against the riots which are being organized without any knowledge by the authors. It is a compilation of interviews and factual facts conducted by the authors. Through the words and lines of the book, it is said that it supports the freedom of speech along with the deep sense of the responsibility that is carried out towards society.

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