David Koresh 7 seals (7 Seals Of Bible) Explained

David Koresh 7 seals explained

David Koresh 7 seals: David Koresh instructs us that there had been different types of set of principles and beliefs. He also gave us a lesson that the soul of God had been present to a man many times and also in many different ways. From all of these there was one which was giving a speech on behalf of the God which consists of the first part of the Old Christian Bible which is comprising of thirty-nine books and corresponding approximately to the Hebrew Bible.

When the offering of the soul by God is rejected or not accepted, then there was another appearance of the pure soul that was given in flesh as Jesus Christ.

Koresh also instructs us that another plan of saving of humans beings from death and from the separation of God was rejected by Jesus Christ due to the man lack of knowledge and ignorance was approved by the when Christ said that “Father please forgive them because they themselves don’t know what they are doing”.

David Koresh 7 seals explained

After saying these words the spirit which is provided by Jesus Christ was suitable for approval was given into father’s hand.

Since the soul of God which was now in the hands of a father then the question arises what is in the father’s hand?

In 5:1 a surprising and previously unknown fact that has been disclosed to others is that Father has a book in his right hand which is sealed with the seven seals so this must be the same soul or mind of God. Koresh believes that it was an indication of something that the lamb in the Sanctuary of heaven with the right hand of the throne was able to do something because he has been killed in a violent way.

Koresh here says that when the lamb comes he comes with his efforts not with our efforts. Only the Lamb has the power to open these seals and it is the reward which lamb brings.

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The First seal

According to Koresh in the first seel there was a marriage of the lamb. From this it is disclosing that Koresh is obtaining something which is not easy to come such as rights and togetherness with the Godhead. People who are with him in this Revelation are also standing with a white horse and also dressed up completely in marriage garments so they altogether come in touch with the togetherness of God.

So the First seal of seven seals discloses that the people who have faith in David Koresh are Christ and also accept the fact that the Seven Seals are a way of standing all together with each other and God also.

The Second seal

In the second seal there is a war of God with a man in which they kill all those peoples who rejected the message of Koresh or we said all peoples who do not have seal got killed.

The Third Seal

In this third seal there is a person who is involved in wholesale offering something. According to Koresh something means here with the paying for a marriage. But the deal of this is very costly which is not fair so the merchant has scales that show the incorrect weight for gain and charges as a giving reasonable price. Another way is the second seal. Merchant presents the seven seals but there was one who is willing or wants to pay the high price of this.

The Fourth seal

In this list it is a seal of death and the people with a serious look on their face follow after it.

The Branch Davadians (a ground of US religious which was in Waco, Texas, believes that the christ soon return back to the earth ) see all these types of events as a smaller version of something much larger of the last battle between kingdoms of Man and Kingdom of God but they are hoping that before the return of God there was an attack in battle and then the lamb (Koresh) returns.

The fifth Seal

The major key in this seal is the interview of Livingstone Faga in March of 1993 to obtain Psalm 74. In this Psalm, there are peoples who are asking about the timing of God for making a considered decision. In Psalm 74 they tell us that all places of God are burned but for doing all this God did the judgment with the right hand and God will take revenge on those things which hurt them and in hand, there is obviously the

Seven seals book.

The Sixth Seal

The sixth seal there is the involvement of universe disturbance which is linked with the concept of returning of lamb and the concept of coming the day of judgment also.

Seventh seal

In the 7th seal, it comes to know that on the Earth, Angel Censing an Altar and Pouring the Censer

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