Dana Stubblefield Net Worth, Age, Bio, Babysitter, Rape Case, Wiki

Dana Stubblefield Net Worth, Age, Bio, Babysitter, Rape Case, Wiki

Dana Stubblefield Net Worth, Age, Bio, Babysitter, Rape Case, Wiki – Amongst the many well-known football players in America, Dana Stubblefield has always been one of the most called names whether it be because of his profession or the legal case which is a verdict on him.

Dana Williams Stubblefield was born on 14th November 1970 and is a very well-known Defensive tackle American Football player. He has been a popular name who played in the national football league commonly known as the NFL.

Stubblefield is known to have graduated from the Taylor High School in the North Blend Ohio and after his successful schooling he had got a chance to attend the famous University of Kansas. He has always been known for playing the defensive lineman during the San Francisco 49ers and also for the Oakland raiders and Washington redskins.

Personal life & family

Dana Stubblefield was raised singly by his mother. She was a single parent to Dana. Stubblefield has also been known to be his own boss and always believed to have gone his own way for a long time. As a senior at Taylor high school, he was a star football player and a wrestler.

Martha Heath who was a teacher at Taylor school has helped Dana and his mother in many ways. Many ways. Many years Stubblefield and his mother had stayed with Heath’s family. That is why he considers Heath a second mother and Terry Heath the father he never had. Once Stubblefield said, “when they came to watch me in college at Kansas I introduced them as my mom and my dad. Even when my mom was there, I’d say this is my mom, my mom, and my dad. It’s just a long story”. While they always considered him as one of their own sons.

Dana Stubblefield got married to Terry but his wife filed for divorce after his husband was charged with rape. Terry Stubblefield filed papers in Santa Clara California on February 29, 2016. She cited irreconcilable differences as a reason for divorce. The couple shares two children.


Dana has established himself as one of the league’s premier young defensive tackle. In 1993 San Francisco wanted to upgrade in defense technique and it picks Stubblefield the 28th pick of the 1st round. He stepped right in on a starter totaling 10 1/2 sacks and winning NFL defensive rookie of the year honor.

From 1993 to 2003, Stubblefield had to spend a total of seven years with the San Francisco 49ers. He played for Washington Redskins from 1998 to 2000. In 2003 he played for Oakland raiders as a defensive tackle. He played only for a year with Oakland raiders and took retirement after that. In 1997 he has been awarded an AP NFL player of the year. In 1993 he has been awarded AP Defensive rookie of the year.

In 2008 Dana was charged to use performance-enhancing drugs. It has never been in the history of Football when Stubblefield was the first football player who got charged with a crime in his five-year investigation of BALCO. Stubblefield was found guilty and in 2004 NFL find him and the other three raiders for testing positive for THG.

Dana Stubblefield

While Dana Stubblefield has had few runs in with the law in the past he was found guilty of rape and forced copulation n a woman during an incident on April 9, 2015, in which she came to his house to intervene for babysitting. The incident has been talked over as Stubblefield luring a disabled woman whom he contacted through a babysitting website and promised to get her a job for the same.

Thus, Stubblefield was remanded to jail without giving him any opportunity of a bail.

Dana Stubblefield Net Worth

It is estimated that Dana Stubblefield net worth in 2019 was approximately between 1-5 million dollars

Because of the rape case, his trial started in March but because of a pandemic, it got delayed. Stubblefield next court hearing is scheduled for 28 August 2020 where the sentencing recommendation is expected to be presented.

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