What is Covid19india.org Tracker India?

Covid19india.org Tracker India

In today’s scenario where people are locked in their houses not by choice but as a need of an hour as we are to practice social distancing. People across the world are totally cut off from each other so in order to know the exact situation of the pandemic, we tend to look for the website that would give us the details of the country.

During  Covid-19 pandemic period all social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp, all are contributing to making people aware of the situation and providing the statistical information of current cases, deaths, and recovered and other related information about coronavirus disease. But a lot of time the information that is circulated through these mediums is usually manipulated and incorrect. So there has to be a source on which people can rely without giving a second thought.

For this India came up with a website called Covid19india.org Tracker India which tracks the live updates of the cases that are confirmed in the country. This website specifically shows the data related to India only. Covid-19india.org is owned and managed by the government of India.

Covid19india.org Tracker India

We get to know the exact number of cases that are active and confirmed the total number of deaths that happened due to coronavirus and the number of people who have recovered from this deadly disease. Usually, a lot of websites provide the list of states along with the information about the cases, deaths, and the recovered patients from Covid-19 of each particular state. This information is also available at the Covid19india.org Tracker India website.

But what is amazing about this website is that it provides graphical representation of the data which makes the website look attractive and interesting. This graphical representation also saves time as one can comprehend the data just by having looked at it as reading big numbers is time consuming and by looking at the graph one can get the complete knowledge of the situation. The website till now just shows that the cases of Covid-19 are just increasing day by day.

Covid19india.org Tracker India is looked upon as the most trusted and reliable source. On our website Covid-19india.org the list of the state is not in alphabetical order rather it is in accordance with the number of cases in each state. If we look at the list that has been updated today that is June 4, 2020, shows that Maharashtra is at the top of the list with more than seventy-four thousand cases which is followed by Tamil Nadu and Delhi with 25,000+ and 23,000+ cases and the bottom of the list is Sikkim with only to cases and zero deaths. This website also contains the data of the number of tests that the government in India is conducting.

Although there are other websites and apps that have been developed and designed for this purpose the Covid-19india.org can be said as the best source that provides all the statistic related data. So do visit this website if you want information every single second and minute on Covid-19. We help you to stay safe and updated.            

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