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About Cloutlog Tiktok money

Social media is not just a platform to earn money, but it has become the best source of earning. One might have heard about promotions and sponsorship that help influencers to make a good amount of money. Tiktok is also one of the biggest online platforms were many people have gain name and fame. Tiktokers who are looking to earn money need to have sponsors who can pay them. But if you do not have any such sponsorship on the app, go for “Cloutlog Tiktok Money”.

Many Tiktok users might have heard about this while it might be new for many users. CloutLog is a platform where tiktokers can earn money through donations and getting connected to merchandise. It is a must to have at least 1000 followers on Tiktok to start getting earning through CloutLog.

Cloutlog Tiktok Money

What is CloutLog?

CloutLog is an external website and app that is helping Tiktok users to make money even if not having sponsorship. This website is gaining tremendous popularity since the release as it is assisting tiktokers in making their hobby as a source of income. The only way to earn with CloutLog is through donations by viewers. 

If you are good at making videos and can attract users, it would help to get cash tips through CloutLog. Today many Tiktokers are using this external website to get donations from their viewers and earn a good amount of money. Moreover, CloutLog is also helping Tiktok users to get connected with various brands to sell their products and thus make money.

Thus, CloutLog is also proved as an external source that helps tiktokers to earn money and encourage to come up with bets videos.

How do Cloutlog Tiktok Money works?

Tiktok users who have qualified to go live can make compelling videos to make their viewers go for donation or tip. CloutLog is an external website that not only work as a platform to accept tips but also comes with a calculator to manage your earnings. 

One must keep in mind that using CloutLog will not give you a total amount as 50% of the earnings will be taken by Tiktok as stipulated by CloutLog. So, if any viewer has givens $1 as a donation, tiktokers will get $0.50 while rest half will be takes as Tiktok as a token of the fee.

The calculator at CloutLog will help you know what you earn and what is the exchange rate of coins and much more. Thus Tiktokers can get a complete account of the earning through CloutLog.

The coins that are received by creators of CloutLog will convert them into diamonds, and again it will be converted into cash which Tiktokers will review through PayPal. The value of the diamond is 50%of the coin earned by Tiktokers. If any Tiktokers have earned 100 coins it would be equal to $1.39 as half of the earning is taken by Tiktok. 

How to qualify for getting tips from viewers through CloutLog?

CloutLog has its set on rules according to which not every Tiktok users can get tips from their viewers. Tiktokers must promote videos to get at least 1000 followers. Once they have it, they will get live. Tiktok users who are live and able to get the attention of viewers will be qualified to accept donations and tips from their viewers through CloutLog.

Is CloutLog safe?

There is no harm in using CloutLog as it is just helping Tiktokers to earn money from their videos. But if you are already partnered with brands or sponsorship, it is advisable to stay away from CloutLog. It is safe but does not fulfil the rules laid down by Tiktok and so if you already have a sponsor to might affect it.

One who has a large number of followers must also avoid it as half of your income will be taken by Tiktok, and thus you are not able to earn good. So, for them instead of going for CloutLog, it is better to look out for some brands that would help them to earn money.

Benefits of using CloutLog

  • Tiktokers who are not having any partnership with brands or sponsorship can have to earn through CloutLog.
  • Beginners who are not having many followers can find it safe to use CloutLog. To qualify it requires minimum 1000 followers and thus reaching this point will help to start earning.
  • Tiktokers earn income from videos through donation and tops give to them by their viewers. 
  • It also gives an option where Tiktok users can collaborate with brands and thus sell merchandise to earn some extra income.

In all CloutLog is for Tiktok users who are new and are unable to connect with brands for promotion or sponsorship. Getting 1000 followers is no more a difficult task, and once you reach it getting tips through CloutLog will help to earn income.

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