How To Hide Applications On HP Oppo?

Cara Menyembunyikan Aplikasi Di HP Oppo?

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our life. There are many things like important documents or confidential details that are stored on the device. But more than that there are some applications that you want to hide from others. One cannot control their phone at all time, and so in such situation, it is better to hide application so that no one can access them. If you too are looking for any such option to hide applications, this is the right place.

Some of the options to hide apps are like installing any third-party apps that give an option to make it possible. There is some smartphone that has an inbuilt feature of hiding the application, and one such phone is Oppo. The popularity of this brand is increasing day by day as it gives full control over your phone and has the option to hide apps from others.

How to hide application on Oppo?

If you too have some apps which you are not willing to disclose to anyone else follow below mentioned steps:

  • First, you need to go to android settings and further click on security. There is a various option, but for hiding apps, you need to select “App Encryption”.
  • Next, you need to select all such apps that you want to hide from the Home screen of your Oppo phone. It can be even a gaming app or video editing apps.
  • After selecting the apps, you will be asked for “Enable Passcode Verification”. It means that all the selected apps will be enclosed within passcode. So, enable this option on the phone.
  • There will be many other options, and now you are required to turn on “Hide Home Screen Icons”. The option itself makes clear that it will hide apps from the home screen. If you are no enabling this option, your apps will be encrypted with the passcode, but it would be still visible on the screen. So, to hide it completely make sure to turn on this option.
  • You will see a pop – up message on that says to set an access number that will be used to open all the hidden apps. This pop –up will appear when you turn on the hidden feature option for the very first time in your device.
  • Next tap on the option “Set access Number”. You are required to enter an access number, but it has some validation like the number must start and end with “#”. The limitation is between 1 to 16 number for setting an access number.
  • Lastly, tap on the “Done” to set the entered access number. Once the app is hidden, this access number will be used to open the apps and so make sure you do not forget it.

Note: There is also an option where all the hidden asp will not be listed in the recent task of the device. So, for that enable “Don’t Display in recent Tasks”.

The above inbuilt feature is available for Oppo OS 5.0 ad above. Rest all don’t worry as Oppo mobiles are compatible with many third-party apps that can also work to hide apps from the home screen.

How to get back all hidden application on Oppo

The apps hidden from the phone can be accessed by following the below-given steps:

  • First, you need to open the Dialler (Contact Keypad) of your phone.
  • You have set the access number while hiding apps to access them. So, now enter the “Access Number” that you have set earlier in the same format. While using the dialler to open apps, you need to enter # at the first and end as you did while setting the code.
  • It will open all the hidden apps n your device, and thus it’s quiet easy for every Oppo users to hide and show the apps in their device.

Why hide apps on your phone?

  • Some apps have your bank details or card information which you need to protect from everyone.
  • Many times people love to watch videos through apps. In such a scenario, it is crucial to hide such apps so that no one known about it.
  • Apps store me pictures that you do not wish to disclose to anyone need to be hidden from your mobile.
  • You do not wish to show others regarding an app that you are using and so to protect it from others hiding them is the best option.

There are many third-party applications like Nova Launcher, that can help to hide the apps. Moreover, you can have the app lock or pass lock so that no one can access your phone. One more option to hide all your apps is to disable them from the settings. These are some ways that can protect your phone and will not allow anyone to peek inside it. 

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