Burlington Coat Factory Review And Near Me Location Details

Burlington Coat Factory Review

Many of us might have heard about the Burlington coat factory and their various store outlets in different states. This factory is mainly known to manufacture branded shoes, clothing and even furniture. It is considered the best off-price store in America, and from time of establishment, it has abled to get a name in the market.

In the year 1972, Burlington had started its retailing outlet before that it was working as wholesalers for ladies’ coat. Currently, it has more than 500 stores in utmost 44 states. It also operates other brands like MJM designer shoes, Cohoes fashion and many others.

The best part about shopping from the Burlington store is their discounts and deals that can help everyone to afford branded clothes. Burlington is in the top 5 names for off-price retailer stores.

Burlington Coat Factory

What stuff are available Burlington coat factory?

Burlington comes with varieties of stuff for men, women and even children. It is just not limited to clothing but also has the stuff to decorate your home. Accessories offered at Burlington are quite demanding as one can get at a competitive price.

Some of the Burlington offerings are coats, lingerie, dresses, handbags, accessories, baby clothes, bedsheet, home décor, furniture, stroller, car seats and much more. Thus it is a complete shop where one can everything they need in their everyday life.

What time does Burlington coat factory open up?

Burlington coat factory timing is different for weekdays and weekends. While at weekdays it starts at 9.30 am and if there are holidays on weekdays the time might differ. The timings might also vary depending on the store location and state. In many stores it also offers late night shopping, so before heading for shopping at Burlington coat factory check out timing.

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Burlington coat factory in traverse city

Burlington coat factory has different stores located at various location, and many more are yet to come. Burlington coat factory is about to set up a store at the Grand Traverse shopping centre, which is excellent news for all shoppers. According to sources, it is said that Burlington will occupy a significant area of the shopping centre.

It was planned to get opened in early 2020, but due to the pandemic coronavirus, it got delayed. Hope to see the Burlington store at Traverse city very soon.

Burlington coat factory Sunday hours

Many Burlington coat factory stores are operating even on weekends that also include Sundays. But still, some are closed on Sundays. Even on Sunday, it is open from 9.30 am till 9 pm.

Burlington coat factory Brockton

Burlington has already set up its store at Westgate Mall in Brockton. This store has all the departments like baby stuff, home décor, plus sizes attire and much more. This store at Brockton is open from 9.00 am to 10:00 pm. You can also visit the store on Sunday for shopping merchandise.

Does Burlington coat factory have online shopping?

Yes, it is possible to shop from Burlington online if you are unable to go out. The online store does not have everything that is available at the store but gives an option to enjoy online shopping. It is best for buying baby stuff like clothes, strollers bedding, furniture, etc.

Burlington is mainly known for coast, and so while shopping online, you can have the option of buying branded coats.  You can filter based on the type of coats and brand. One can also buy other stuff from Burlington but it has limited collection.

What is the Burlington coat factory return policy?

Burlington coat factory has the option of return stuff at the store or even through the mail. The general rules of the return policy at Burlington coat factory are as follows:

  • Items must get returned within 30 days of purchase.
  • It is must to have the original receipts or shipping confirmation email to return any product.
  • Refund of any products is given in the form of original payment methods.
  • Merchandise must be new, unwashed along with original packing to get it returned.
  • In case of any non-recipient funds or even after 60 days’ return, they will receive the lowest selling price of that particular merchandise. (It must require to have Photo ID if an original receipt is not available).

The Burlington stores are re-opened, and now they have extended their return policy to give a flexible option in the pandemic. In any case, if a customer is unable to return any purchased stuff because the store is closed, they will get 30 days more to return the stuff. It is to help people in the pandemic and thus make their shopping enjoyable.

What time does the Burlington coat factory close?

The usual time of closing the Burlington coat factory is at 9.00 pm. The closing time might differ on weekends as some location t gets closed at 7.00 pm. Moreover, the store is closed on major holidays that include Christmas, New year, Independence Day, Easter, Thanksgiving Day and Veteran’ day.

Burlington coat factory conducts different events throughout the year whose timing changes depending on the season, location and state. So, do check out details or contact through phone number to check out working hours.

Why shop from Burlington?

Branded merchandise, along with great deals, can make shopping enjoyable for all. Burlington is not just another shopping brands but more than it. Quality product with extensive choices makes it best in shopping brand. It has stores opened in virus location still planning to set new stores.

This company is known for their care and love for customer, employees and even local community. Burlington has conducted many events to help needy people in local communities. To make their associate feel special and valuable, they have performed parade and many other such good deeds. Burlington has a significant fan following, and it is considered as one of the best shopping places in the US.

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