Btsincinemas .com – Break The Silence The Movie Tickets 2020

Btsincinemas .com – Break The Silence The Movie Tickets 2020

Btsincinemas .com
Btsincinemas .com

Btsincinemas .comToday most of the people are working from their home and waiting to get out of the pandemic. In this situation, BTS has some good news and is about to release their fourth coming move in the silver screen. It is great news for people who are a big fan of BTS movies. They have come up with a concert film named “Break the Silence: The Movie.”

The new movies will get released in September but with limited screening. It’s expected to get premiered on September 10 and till the end of the month, it will be in cinemas. It is going to be a big movie that happens expected to release in more than 40region and assuming a good response from fand. After lockdown, it would be a great gift to people and banks up their lost energy.

People in Korea and abroad are a big fan of BTS movies and so it is expected that the new film would have the same response. BTS team is about to release the original film, but in course, their third movie, “Bring the Soul: The Movie,” is also to get released in the Last week of August.

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What is the movie all about?

The new film that is expected to get released in September will be a concert film that will show personal thoughts and all glimpse of the tour. It will even have footage of the BTS’s stadium tour “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself,” which was very popular.

The movie will be the document of the first international tour of the K-pop group. This tour was conducted in various cities that include Los Angeles, Osaka, Seoul, London, New York, Sao Paulo and Riyadh. The K-pop group also performed bat the famous Wembley Stadium and this all would be in their newly released movie.

The BS group is known from their record-breaking records with films and have many awards for it. The new movie is also expected to do great business and the CEO of the film is looking forward to get a good response with the latest release. Many BTS fan s are waiting for the release of the movie and would find it interesting to watch all about their tour.

The new release “Break The Silence: The Movie” will make the K-POP group fans know about group members personally. It would have behind the scenes form the concert and all about their interview. L-pop group that has immense popularity will be sharing their personal experience of the tour in the film. True fans are eagerly waiting to get to know more about their favorite group.

So, if you too are looking to watch movies stay updated. You need to book advance tickets and sales of tickets are about to start in August. Check out the movie’s release date in your region and book your ticket to enjoy the concert film. The latest tour of BTS has V, J-Hope, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga and Jin.

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