As A Man Thinketh Book In Hindi Pdf Free Download

As A Man Thinketh Book In Hindi Pdf

As A Man Thinketh Book In Hindi Pdf – The famous line is taken from the Holy Bible and the writer James Allen is a well- known philosopher of the 19th century. As said before, this line is derived from the Bible which means that whatever a man thinks in his mind, it happens exactly like that.

The story tells us that every individual is capable of making his own changes in his life and it tells us that our will power is so strong that it is capable of making changes in our life.

The writer also beautifully explains how our way of thinking can have an impact on our own lives. We are the makers of good and bad in our life. We cannot blame anyone for this reason.

Even though, the book was written and published in the year 1903 by James Allen, the methodology and the references put in the book have the same impact on us as during that period.

According to Allen, a man is prone to his own thinking so much that whatever a person thinks for a long period of time his way of living turns out to be exactly like that.

As A Man Thinketh Book In Hindi Pdf

Here, in the book it is mentioned that according to James Lane the character of a person is made up of his thoughts, the character of any person is the sum of his thoughts. The character of man affects all the circumstances that I have come to his life. Whatever happens in a person’s life is in his thoughts before he is in the physical world.

Causes and effects occur not only in the material world but also in the world of thought. Friends, we see that what happens in life with us has nothing to do with our thoughts, but James Allen says that everything we do is in our thoughts first. Some of the things that we think we have done thoughtlessly are also because of the strong thoughts of our mind.

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A man with a good character is like that because of his good thoughts. Secondly, a man with a bad character is the same because of his bad thoughts. The character of each person is made up of his thoughts. Man’s thoughts are so powerful that he can create and spoil his character. Anyone who works analyses herself, and takes her own experience from her experience. Precious metals like gold and diamonds are found when digging very deeply, just as a person has to deeply understand the thoughts of his mind in order to understand himself.

Therefore, it is said that your thoughts create your thinking, your thinking is your behaviour, you work according to your behaviour, and working gives you results. The kind of thought that a person thinks in his mind becomes his thinking, if the person’s thinking is positive, he behaves positively, if negative, behaves negatively.

The person works according to his thinking, if he has a small mindset, he will do small work and he will get small results, such as small-scale people earn less money and less successful. Big-minded people do great things and they get bigger results, like people who work on a large scale earn more money, earn more names, and achieve great goals and great success in life.

And remember these points:

  • Keep an eye on your thoughts because thoughts are your words
  • Keep an eye on your words because words are your work
  • Keep an eye on your actions because actions make your habits
  • Keep an eye on your habits because habits make your character
  • Keep an eye on your character because the character itself makes your luck

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