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Arizona election results 2020 error

Arizona election results 2020 error

The United States Presidential was held on 3rd November 2020 in Arizona. Arizona is considered as the battleground for the Unites states election as in 2016; also, Donal Trump has won by less than 4 points. Currently, based on some reports, a consequential error is bene discovered that might affect the Presidential results.

According to the Edison research which is mostly used by a news organization to show reports on voting declared that only 86 %of votes are tallied. But based on counting, there were 98 % of precincts in Arizona, and this has created tension among different races in Arizona. An editor of New York Times named Patrick LaForge has also tweeted that based on the Edison research, only 86 %of ballots are counted and not 98%. Biden is not considered the winner, but still, he is leading the election with ballot counting error.

Based on news it shows that Democrat vice presidential Nominee Biden has won the election and has 51% while Trump has 47.6%. The reports show that 2.7 million votes are counted till today and still more to go. The results are quite uncertain, and it gets shifted hourly, and so the governor of Arizona has asked people to be patient till the declaration. He also made sure that people or Arizona has cast their votes, and they need to consider every single vote before declaring the result. Reports also suggest that Edison research had some error, and there all have corrected it.

Arizona election results 2020 error

Error in ballot counting has given hope to all Trump’s fan to have a chance of winning in Arizona. But Soon, the error got corrected by all the News organization that uses Edison research, but yet no one has declared any result. Fox and Associated press have projected Biden based on the current counting results.

Voters are worried because their precious vote for the president of Us is not counted and is remaining in the mail. The mail ballot of election site showed the vote as “Cancelled”, and this can fluctuate the result. So, Arizona governor took the case in the hands and made sure and made sure that votes would be counted no matter which pen is bene used for voting.

Fox News that does not use Edison research for votes counting have projected Biden, and the current scenario is also going in the same direction. So, wait and hope the best candidate win, but in any scenario, if Trump loses Arizona, it would be a most significant shock. Arizona is considered as the Trump-friendly territory and so losing in such a place can trouble him. So, let’s wait for the results to get declared.


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