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A huge rumor and hot news occurring on the internet is about the connection between and Russia. It is said to be a rumor because it has no evidence that Russia has won the domain of

 Who is Antifa?

They are a group of protesters kind of antifascists who show harsh opposition to the right-wing movements. This Antifa sometimes uses a logo that has a double flag which has black and red. This Antifa movement is started initially in Europe and came to the US by the end of 1970. Today, Antifa activists targeting both online and in real life! They are not a particularly unique group but they are some team of local people who are against racism.

Current news about Antifa

Let’s get into the current news now. As till there is no evidence regarding the Russian handling in the domain name Still, people don’t hesitate to spread this rumor online. Nowadays it’s been so easy to spread anything because of the internet and social media so a lot of the public believes that it’s a back-end work of Russia. And another more interesting thing happened is whenever you type it takes you to the site of Joe Biden’s campaign website. Joe Biden is the Democratic Party in the USA.

But what this redirect says is that somehow there is a connection between the Democratic Party and Many people believe that Russia is helping and encouraging the Democratic Party to be against Donald Trump who is the president of America. This seems to be official for now.

What Russia says now is they totally disagree with that claim and they also added that it could be done by the Democratic Party Biden supporter who is against President Trump. It may be done by a person or a group who may be completely a political. And according to the data one who uses this domain uses WhoisGuard which is a private service that does not provide any details about the domain name and the owner who uses it.

So, this is completely a tactic move who wanted to create some issue. This information has become so exciting for the one who is left-leaning people. So, this spreads like a forest fire and fumes enormous in social media.

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We don’t know but Russia may or may not behind this issue but there is no proof for this is an update till now.

There is a proverb called “No fume without fire”. Accordingly, this all started from a Yahoo news article that completely misjudged the background of Whois, and all because of that particular news convey people started to talk regarding this in social media. And it does not stop right there it also taken further by the website PropOr Not, which has no clue that who has started that, which is something anonymous.

A tweet posted by it has received nearly thousands of retweets and likes which got the attraction of a lot of people.

News reporter Hunter Walk-in yahoo

News reporter Hunter Walk-in yahoo news said that “According to the data and records of says that this domain name database has given the details about who registered this site. That data says that this domain name was registered in the Russian Federation from the year 2013 till last July” Then from last November this site has been exchanged to the site Panama and this website is being registered by the one with no name or any other details.

From this, we can understand one thing clearly someone from the backend is doing this so professionally to create a mess. But anyhow some of the information provided by yahoo is acceptable that Whois for has no information regarding the user details. Later the user used the company which is privately called WhoisGuard based in Panama only because the location provided by it has given a little clear picture for the blurry content.

The connection between Russia and this theory

But somehow it says there is a connection between Russia and this theory. And also, there is something you need to be clear that the reason for the final results regarding the “Russian Federation” is due to the whois privacy service has used Domain protect LLC in that particular time which is based in Saint Petersburg. This Saint Petersburg does not provide any details related to the user and domain owner.

Let’s look further into the details of this domain project these are like chain links which keep on continuing and there need a lot of wide opening to understand what really happened. Basically, this Domain Protect has created a link with a domain registrant called DomReg Ltd. This company has some specific features where this company just renews the domain name which is dropped by the users. To make this clear “they just catch the domain name which is dropped” hence this process is called “Drop catching”. By following it they resell the domain names in the market which is said to be aftermarket.

The triangular connection between Biden, Trump, and Russia

Here you need to take a note clearly these all the studies related to domain tells that this must be thrown down in the early 2000s, then later been registered in the year 2002. All these chain links go behind Russia because of all these thoughts Russia has bought into the picture. As all these created a triangular connection between Biden, Trump, and Russia.

The user of can be from any part of the world and he or she might access this from their house, garage, or from anywhere what answer we have now is ‘Don’t know’.

Technology has grown and developed so much these incidents are a by-product of this. People could hack from anywhere without any evidence as much as technology growing it maximum there are so many chances to use them illegally. Only after a clear investigation, this issue can be solved. As this being a political issue, this is being talked by thousands of people. The everyday internet world is facing this kind of issue which is a swirl. Be aware.

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